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The Shield has improved each season, almost an impossibility considering the brilliance of the first season.

The Sopranos peaked in Season Three, and other than a few wonderful scenes, wallowed in 'too many chefs' syndrome for the final three.

Entourage is a bit of fun. Really enjoyed all seasons.
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Great episode tonight.
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The car chase scene was a little overdone, other than that it was great.
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Ari was def back to his best tonight
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I can't believe there'll be no fallout for Ari's actions tonight. But it was a great episode.
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"Honey, don't be a whore."

The end was a complete facepalm.gif moment.
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Funniest part of the episode is at the end when Vince and Drama are singing, Drama grabs the mic and says "you hear me bitches"-right before he pukes.
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Better episode overall, really nailed the tried and true Entourage formula from the first season. And Ari is always at his best when he has a nemesis to feud with.
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Originally Posted by Brian278 View Post
And Ari is always at his best when he has a nemesis to feud with.
I'm smelling a season-long story here. I like that
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I am growing tired of Drama.
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so far I like where the season seems to be going
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I'm glad they brought the old curmudgeon CPA back again. He seemed to be missing for about two whole seasons.
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Originally Posted by scnupe7 View Post
I am growing tired of Drama.
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Ari was at his best last night. Great episode, overall. Agree on Drama. Hopefully that was just a one-episode thing of him getting over his breakup and they'll start to get back to some storyline with his tv show.
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After a shitty first episode, this season is really coming around. I think Drama's performance on the View may actually help his career. I'm also loving the tension between E and Vince over the movie script. Eagerly awaiting to see what happens.
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