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Recent Pictures of Me!

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Here's two recent picture of me (after I got my haircut weeks ago) from today. Sorry about the images being dark. I'm wearing a blue Van Heusen button-down oxford shirt that I got at Belk's from last year, and the necktie I'm wearing a regular length J. Crew repp tie. Eventhough I'm a big and tall dude. What's right and wrong with the shirt and tie I'm wearing?
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Dude... I can't see you
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The combination sounds promising. Can you post a better picture so we can judge?
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I'm already on record as only liking hidden button downs.
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doughboysc, I can't believe that you posted these pics without looking at them first. I opened them in Photoshop and took a good look at them. They are so dark that they border on the absurd. It's one thing to post somewhat dark photos as not everyone knows how to lighten them but this is ridiculous.
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ok i took one of his photos into photoshop and adjusted the levels a bit. after seeing the result i didn't have the heart to do the other one:
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Damn, looks like someone who's tried the sprouts-and-piss diet.
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Are you (is that) my 8 year old's hero Darth Maul? (or is it Darth Mall)
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What's the quality of Van Heusen shirts like?
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What's the quality of Van Heusen shirts like?
They used to be an iconic men's shirt of really good quality. What they're like now, I don't know. Anyway -- as to original query -- though photo is very dark, it's hard to go wrong with blue button-down and red/blue[?] repp tie.
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As long as you stay in areas as poorly lit as depicted in your photos, e.g. caves, darkened basements, attics, and crawlspaces, it will look absolutely smashing. And as a bonus, you can probably dispense with the haircut under those conditions, as well. Cats, racoons, owls, and other night-ranging species might have a different opinion. I can't speak to how your outfit or hair would look in sunlight or indoors where light perceptible to the human optic nerve exists. Seriously, though, there as some things you can do to take better pix with your digital or film camera: 1. The only light in your photos is behind you, which darkens your face. Have the light be behind the camera, shining on you. 2. You can compensate for light behind the subject by increasing the exposure setting on the camera. 3. Take pictures outside, in the sun, with the sun behind you. 4. Use a camera with a flash set on the "auto" setting. 5. Don't use a camera/phone, which is what I suspect you may be using, unless you are in a well-lit area. Post better pix and I'm sure many on this board will be delighted to comment and offer suggestions.
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...or, we may just carry on, being our usual smart-ass selves...
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I think you and your clothes look great. I wouldn't change a thing.
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