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C&J sale...

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... starts tomorrow at the Jermyn Street and Burlington Arcade shops, and on Monday at the Royal Exchange shop. Most of the sale stock will be at the Jermyn Street shop, but apparently each shop will have some exclusive stuff e.g. I saw a nice pair of chestnut chukka boots with an elongated chisel toe that was made for Paul Smith and will only be available at the Royal Exchange shop (or so the manager there told me). Also, the Gordon Scott sale has started and as usual there are some C&J Handgrades in there.  Haven't been yet, but I was told that they've got Audleys in black at £240, and the Mortimer monkstrap and Rosebery penny loafer at £195 (I think in black again).  They've also got a few random pairs of Handgrades left over from previous sales. Finally, Jones Bootmaker have also started their sale and my local one has the Drummond (new last C&J) in brown and black at £195. Happy shopping.  
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As a comparison, Plal's C&J HG price is $395. Even sale price in London can't beat them.
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As a comparison, Plal's C&J HG price is $395.  Even sale price in London can't beat them.
My thoughts exactly
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Well, the prices include VAT, so strip that out and you might get something more comparable.  For example, with the Audleys at £240, I make that £204 with VAT deducted, which is about $370. I do agree that the Handgrades at PLal are a great deal though.  I may be visiting Malaysia towards the end of this year and will hopefully pick up a coupla pairs from PLal while I'm there. In the meantime, I picked up these at Gordon Scott today, for £160: - I was hoping they wouldn't have my size (I'm a bit poor at the moment), but they did, and I'm too weak...
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Tdkkid, thanks for posting the sales info. Even though I'm in the states, it's still good to know what the relative sales prices are in the UK. Makes for a more informed decision.
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Was passing through London today and picked up a really nice New and Lingwood lavender check shirt at £47. Seems that most of Jermyn St. has gone on sale, including H&K. Pink is one of the few not on sale yet is astonishingly busy. Sure is hot in London today.
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