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is this brioni shirt fake?

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Thread Starter|294%3A50 is there a easy way to identify real brioni shirts?
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The Brioni tag seems sewed on crooked. The shirt pattern is a nightmare. It is guaranteed to upset at least a dozen people no matter where you go in it. I cannot imagine Brioni even producing something like this. Looks like the tag was taken from an original (possibly ruined and bought at a thrift store), and slapped onto this monstrosity. I could believe Brioni doing a wild tie, but not a shirt like this. Can someone show evidence otherwise? This is my opinion. Lets see what the others say.
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Definitely real.
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Before people start posting hatred for the shirt I would like to say it could be nice if you throw a jacket or sweater over it to break up the pattern.
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This shirt gave me motion sickness.
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I'd say it's real and completely in character for Brioni sportswear. And I don't mean that as a put-down.
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Brioni has been know to go with some pretty extreme prints.
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Just to clarify, I have a deep respect for the Brioni name & quality. I am happy to be mistaken as to its authenticity. For future reference, I do not use the word 'hate' That is for young people with little imagination and /or articulative skills Perhaps also I have watched the last 2 James Bond films too many times and was taken back to see such a pattern on a Brioni. To my eyes (which are still healing from seeing the link above) it is something I personally wouldn't be caught dead in. The physical label on the shirt appeared authentic, and I did 'Google' on it before my initial response to the OP's inquiry. My compliments to anyone who would enjoy such a shirt. If it's your thing, enjoy, ofcourse. To me, it screams for attention, and I have too much self-respect to wear that look. No offence to anyone was intended, and none should be taken. Rolo, Thank you for that Neiman-Marcus link. I just learned something, thanks I was unaware of those patterns. Perhaps I am too conservative in my own tastes? Peace.
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