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Hiditch v. Harive & Hudson

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I need a couple of slimmer fitting solid color everyday RTW shirts and I see that both H &H and H & K are having offers-with the hilditch a bit more money. Can anyone comment on these two brands in terms of both fit-slimmer the better and overall quality. Im leaning towards harvie right now becasue they offer a turnback cuff on a rtw shirt (and thier button downs are nice too) but at least in NYC hiditch seems to get most of the talk. Thanks all in advance.
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if you really want a slimmer fit you'd be better off going with another label.  i personally never found a truly satisfactory rtw shirt, but continental designers cut slimmer than uk labels, albeit for a price.
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I don't have any expereince with Hilditch but i do own several H&H shirts. THey are not slim fit but are not as generiously sized as something by BB. THey are a good shirt but if you wanted to go slimmer i would try canali. If you are looking to stay within the price range of say 45 pounds i would also check out TM Lewin, i've heard good things and am waiting for my first order from them. Also Charles Tywhitt has a 50% off sale for first time customers and they do a slim fit shirt. DOn't know what they are like but other will be able to tell you more about the latter two.
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I don't think Tyrwhitt's near the quality of Hilditch.  If it matters to you, you're not going to get the shell buttons (unless you buy their top of the line 140s or 180s shirts) and the cloth won't feel nearly as good.  It's not a matter of the fineness -- a Hilditch 100s feels better than the 100s of any other Jermyn Street shirt I've owned.   I also don't think Lewin approaches HK -- nor does it have shell buttons -- but it seems to have good reviews here.  Both are fine for what they are, but it's a distinct step down from T&A to Tyrhwitt, Pink or Lewin.  However, H&K is pretty broadly cut.  Don't know about H&H.  H&K will do stock specials where they'll put your size collar on a different size body.  Costly though  -  although perhaps not as high as retail RTW prices for Hilditch here.
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Like demeis, I am waiting for my first Lewin shirt. I'm confident I'll be pleased. My only criticism of them is that most of their shirts are French cuff. It's trivial because I like French Cuff, but to have that be the predominant choice? As for Tyrwhitt, I LOVE their herringbone shirts. I have several whites in both french cuff (1) and button (3?). Recently they were on sale for only $47 and sold out before I could grab one or two more. And, I'm STILL waiting for to post their 2005 collection (after all, 2005 is about half over.). And, I have to insist that, contrary to all the negative words here, I think JAB is selling a very good shirt right now for only about $60. I bought 3 and have liked each one. They are definitely worth it. I plan to take a look at these two other brands. Do I simply google them by that name or is their another website that sells them?
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Well, I went to the H&K site and they only sell one line online. It costs about $200. And, they don't have my size. I'll pass. Couldn't find the other. I guess I'll stick with the others.
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bachbeet go here they are 45 pounds you have to go to sales by mail and they are cheaper. I am also looking forward to carlo's new line i thought there was going to be a presale for those on the mailing list?
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thanks to all who replied to my original post. Let me clarify and apologize and add that I should have put this in my original post. I own some older Turnbull's, bought when the were almost reasonably priced. They fit pretty well, particuarly in the stomach area. T & a at present however, is way too pricey for the quality they ask for now. Dont like the thyrwtt and the price to quality ratio on pink is kinda laughable. I have a few lewins. GREAT GREAT shirt for the price. I love the collar, think its terrific actually. However, they are a bit baggy in the bicep and body for my slim fit. Also im hesitant to buy more becuase the overall collar size appears to run a bit smaller the my usual 16" necks. Of the three i bought at least one shirt's collar is also smaller then the other two. So thanks again and anyone out there with harvie and hudson experience please chime in ....
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demeis: Well, I went to the H&K site and proceeded to order because: 1) they said I could lengthen the sleeve at checkout; and, 2) they said it was free shipping. Both turned out to be false because I saw no lengthening instructions and the shipping turned out to be almost $40..... Ridiculous..... I e-mailed them and told them to cancel my order and that I would never do business with such deceitful business people.
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I think that's more a function of their crap website, bachbeet. Sadly, if you call in or mail in an order it'll work better than an online order. They're also just in the last 24 or 48 hours changing over to the Sale by Mail from the regular prices on their website, which is why you initially found stuff under the regular Products rubric. Their sale prices do cover shipping and duty. However, there is a minimum order of three and for the US the price is in dollars -- $95 per shirt.
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RJMan: I don't really care what it was a function of. The result is that they lost a potential good customer. don't see how they've lasted this long if they can't seem to follow good business practices, which include having a good communication in your selling no matter by what means - online or otherwise. And, I knew the shirt cost $95, because they said it was 45 pounds. Then, they tacked on the 20 pounds shipping.. So, I'd end up paying 65 pounds or about $130. No Way. In brief, a very upsetting consumer experience. They can keep their overpriced shirts.
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