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ah i see...who is a reliable person on SF that can do uniqlo pickups
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Just bought some Uniqlo MIJ raws slim-straight today, they were marked down from 49.99 pounds to 29.99 pounds. First impressions is that they are well worth the money. I could not tell the difference between the black one I bought and my old black PRPS Barracuda. I also got the blue one and I am kinda ticked off that it fits better then the Dior MIJ silver selvage i purchased for 270 pounds lol. I also compared it to my APC NS and I got to say that the denim and fit is also similar but the Uniqlo's lack the hardware on the APC.

The good stuff, measurements BIG style:


waist: 16.5 (inch)
rise (front): 10
thigh: 11.2
inseam: 32 id reckon did not measure

To me these are the perfect dress jeans once they settle in a little, non of the crazy stacking of my dior's and slim enough for oxfords/ dress boots. Personally I'm hoping these are more Ironheart and rather then Flathead in terms of retaining indigo. Perhaps I should buy more next month, there are tons of stock left, the English gentlemen doesn't do jeans, and chavs are partial towards evitsu and diesel.
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just did a phone order and picked up these in a 31x34
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I bought a pair of those black ones when I was in new york for christmas. They fit great.
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Yeh the slim fit straight colours are all pretty good, i tried some on but i just didn't have the cash to splash and the wierd crinkles around the upper thigh were offputting but im sure you can just iron them out.
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Those caught my eye, too. Are they a tapered or straight cut? I've got a pair of black S-002's I adore, since they're slim without being too skinny. I'd love to add a grey version of them to my arsenal.
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They aren't tapered but they are quite skinny. On my 32s hem is 8", knee is the same, thighs are 10.5", pretty low rise at 9.5".
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Whats the closest cut to apc ns? tia
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Originally Posted by jaac View Post
Whats the closest cut to apc ns? tia

jap denim slim fit.
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Originally Posted by snuff_daddy View Post
ah i see...who is a reliable person on SF that can do uniqlo pickups

I just mailed uniqlo this weekend and they responded and said they are indeed doing email orders still. May wanna check that out.
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^i already ordered over the phone but thnx
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Originally Posted by krylon80 View Post
i can give you a japan denim comparison. skinny fit is like the ns's, reg fit like the rescues, with the one exception you dont really need to size down. their phone ordering sucks, also email ordering is no longer supported (prob why you havent heard back
So if I wanted something to replace my NS, I wouldn't have an option for "Japan Denim"? It seems they only have Japan Denim for slim fit straight and regular. Also, are Uniqlo jeans button or zipper fly?
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probably not a universal truth, but both mine have zippers.
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I have the T-000 skinny, the Japan Raw Selvage Denim Slim-Straight and tried on the Regular's. for comparison I have APC NS, Dior 19cm and PRPS Barracuda.

The slim-straight=APC NS (8inch knee, 8inch hem on a 32), the T-000 skinny=smaller then dior 19cm (6.5 inch hem), regular's looked exactly like my PRPS barracuda's (8.5+ inch hem) which are slightly smaller then apc rescues I also tried before.
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just got my straight slim S001 colored pants from UNIQLO measured a pair for everyone BiG style tagged size 31x34 w: 16" f. rise: 9'5" b. rise: 13.5" thigh: 11" inseam: 34" knee: 8.25" hem: 8" incase anyone wants to know how long phone ordering takes to arrive i ordered on saturday got the pants on thurs via fedex ground
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