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Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post
This is probably truer than anyone would like to believe I'd like to know what truly sets these apart from other denim.

The really unwearable low rise? I wish those new brands would at least try to source more original denims instead of always relying on the same old mills.
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Originally Posted by octopandda View Post
I wish those new brands would at least try to source more original denims instead of always relying on the same old mills.
There are not many left to source from.
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i actually like that low rise, i was looking for a cut like this
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I tried them on at Ab Fits in SF last week. Low rise in front, higher rise in the back. Really nice jeans. They fit well and look good, but at 220 bucks with tax, I was meh. Bought some Cheap Mondays for 65 instead.
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i find the fit is similar to the PBJ xx005 but with a higher rear rise and more tapered from the knee down. emailed one of the guys and got a size chart
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Any one with new feedback on this brand? They seem to best fit my need for a no-frills all-american jean.


Does any one have fit-analogies for these?

For example:

I am 31 in the J Crew Urban Slims. I cannot comfortably wear a 30.

I wear a 32 in Levis STF, which should now be about a 31. They're a bit roomy.

I was thinking a 30 in these, what with denim stretching.
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I understand that the "Made in San Francisco" feature of the brand makes these especially popular in certain circles in Japan and Europe. A lot of denim heads want that SF heritage in a modern jean.

I think they make nice jeans. I do wish their denim had a bit more texture and weight.
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their new gustave cut looks great
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If it's worth it to anyone, I wear a 28 APC NS, and a 29 in Tellason's John Graham Mellor fit. The top block is a little funny with the Tellasons, the thighs and waist aren't exactly proportional. Nice details, though, and they definitely don't look bad.
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I have two pair of Tellason. I find them to be excellent jeans. The original Mellor cut was too low rise for me, but the Ankara cut works well. They offer that cut in a heavier, 14.75 oz denim that is awesomely inky.

Mine have broken in excellently and have seen great fading.

Above this, the guys who make Tellason are two stand up guys who are passionate about what they do and put every ounce of their energy into making very high quality authentic denim.

I’d highly recommend you give them a look. I went down 1 on my Mellors (they stretched where they needed to) and TTS on the Ankara Straights.
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Seems I read a lot about the thigh-waist disproportion in the Mellor, and right now it's the only thing keeping me from buying a pair. Does anyone else have experience with this? Is this something unique to the older models?
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I've worn my JGM for a few months now 3-4 times per wk and they've broken in quite nicely. Wearing size 30 and they were initially pretty snug, in fact days after I purchased them I regretted not getting the 31s. The thigh snugness and low rise were especially difficult to get used to but like i mentioned above they've stretched in all the right places and feel infinitely more comfortable. In retrospect the 30s were the right fit - there are some issues with the waist but certainly nothing major. I think the low rise may contribute to the extra stretch in the waist? They're aging very nicely and highly recommend them. 

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agreed. Great jeans at an honest price and produced entirely in SF. Pete and Tony are two gent's who are definitely worth supporting.

The ankara is my favorite fit for sure. Buy em true to size and give them a proper hem and you won't want to wear much else.
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Seems that this has been sort of answered already, but I'm curious what sort of stretching I should expect in the Ladbrokes. I picked some up in a 31 last weekend in the 12.5oz denim and am a bit nervous about the thighs. The waist is great, the thighs are just a bit more snug than I'm used to (coming from a pair of well worm N&F Weird Guys that were are a bit big in the waist). Trying to decide what to do before I wear them for too long.
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