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What Other Forums/Message Boards...

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that you post on? i'm sure this isnt the only one (and it doesnt have to be style based) me, i actively post on mostly music related forums: One for skinheads One for rockabilly 2 mod forums B9 Hardcore forum and i lurk on several: Superfutures My Nudies Harmony Central for musicians curious to see what people's interests are.
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ChefTalk - cooking Hydrogen Audio - audio compression Doom9 - video compression Head-Fi - headphones There's one more, but I can't admit to going there.
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im a superfuture lurker
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I used to be on Men's Health Style but all the newbies want to talk about is Abercrombie and ass-shaving. I recently signed up for AskAndy and besides here, I post a lot on UrbanPlanet.
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LA Lakers board at ESPN. I'd like to find some music boards to post on. would have to be ones with more general tastes, including most types of music, even classical, if possible. The thing I prefer about this forum is that one can talk about such things here because of the diverse types of boards they set up. At AA it's basically restricted to clothes. Here, one CAN talk about music, politics, sports, etc.
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Superfuture Rottentomatoes
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Outside of here: Ask Andy Men's Health Style section Slashdot Free Republic Free Dominion HydrogenAudio
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post at aaac, lurk at, thats it...dont have that much time on my hands for more
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AskAndy (lurker) Head-Fi (lurker) Tranceaddict (poster) Autopia (lurker) Basenotes (lurker)
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Craigslist forums.
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im a forum junkie, although i mainly leech info and post only infrequently post: here nasioc detroitclubscene avsforum anandtech lurk: imprezawrxsti head-fi superfuture menessentials slashdot globalunderground plastic aaac there are probably more im forgetting, these are only my dailys. sad, i know.
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