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Any experience w/Charles Thyrwitt?  

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I am regularly receiving catalogues and special offers from the Charles Thyrwitt people. Does anyone have experience and an opinion of their shirts and shoes?
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Shirts are reasonbly priced on sale, but fit like sails. I'm not sure if this true, but apparently, Loake, a decent midrange British shoemaker, produces their footwear.
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I just received, less than a week ago 2 shirts from them. I ordered 1 white 100% linen shirt and 1 white w/blue windowpanes cotton/linen blend shirt. Both were size M. Haven't washed them yet, but so far they are OK shirts. One of the shirts had the top button loose (almost falling off), there is a small difference in the sleeve length between the 2 shirts (even though both are size M), with the 100% linen shirt having sleeves ~.5 shorter. At the moment they are somewhat larger than I'd like (but since they both have linen in them, I assume they will shrink somewhat after the first few washes). The price, with shipping/taxes etc. turned out to be less than what I would've paid for something similar here (ie. Holt Renfrew 100% linen shirt). Will I buy from them again? Maybe. At the moment I'm trying to get my hands on as many different shirts as I can to see which ones fit me the best. If I did buy from them again and it was a non-linen shirt, I would definately go for their "slim cut" ones.
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I have shoes from them. They are indeed Loakes, and are pretty well made. I'd wait for one of their frequent new customer sales, where you can buy things at 50% off.
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I have three CT shirts. One is "sea island quality" and is lovely and light. But the arm holes are a bit tight on me (just my body). The other two are both poplin I think. I like those quite a lot. They fit me very well and look nice. Although I accidently ordered one of them with single cuffs rather than double. But that's my fault. I only buy these on sale--as much of a sale as I can. They are simply too expensive at regular prices. But overall, I'm becoming less and less convinced there is a reason to spend more than $100 on a dress shirt. Oh yes, they do sell a "fitted" size that is more trim than the regular sizes. bob
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I love CT's herringbone shirts. Recently, they sold out when they had them on sale for $47. Unlike others here, they fit me fine. I also bought their magenta 7F tie and it is great.
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Oh yes, I also own two CT ties. Love them. bob
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If you use this url and you haven't bought there before, you can get 50% off, which I think is a very good price for both shoes and shirts. B
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