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Fake/Hoax Facebook Message About Me

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This is more of a vent than anything else, and a spill from someone feeling beyond blue.

Anyway, I met a girl not long ago, just before I moved overseas for work. We really started to hit things off, kept in touch a lot, communicated every day. I was really starting to become fond of her, which was difficult for me as I had only just started to get over my ex of 4 years. Finally when we were on the cusp of perhaps moving things a bit further, she receives this message on Facebook:

We don't know each other but i write to warn you about [my name]- HE IS A SEXUAL PREDATOR!!!!!!!

I have been a victim and so have other girls before me!!

He will be very nice to you and then when you trust him, he will start making his moves.

First it starts with facebook, then texting (or vice versa). Next he will tell you he is getting Skypes so he can chat with you/video instant message you!

And then from there he will be in your life more and more and pretend to be your good friend, and you will probably be his friend back. But if you make the mistake of trusting him, you won't be able to see through his lies!!!

He is well known for getting you to see him in person, first in a group (with the friend or relative you both know).

Then he will start to sweet talk you with compliments (and boy is he good at that!), and then move onto touching you physically, small enough for you not to notice- hand on your back, sweeping your hair from your face...

Don't fall for it, it is all an act he uses on all unsuspecting girls to get them to have sex with him!!!!

I know all of this is hard to believe but it's TRUE!!!

EVEN IF YOU KNOW HIM THROUGH A FRIEND OR RELATIVE (like i did), and for that reason make mistake of trusting him!!!!!!!

If you tell him about this warning you will only alert him that you know, and then he will change tactics- it happened to me, i stupidly chose to trust him and didn't listen to the warnings that other girls gave me!!

Please think about this carefully, it is no joke! Don't be his next victim!

Ps. I got your name from a mutual friend. That dirty dirty pervert [my name] has been bragging that you will be his next score!!!!!!


So suffice to say, she totally freaks out and now doesn't want much to do with me.

I have no idea who would send such a message, and the 'warning' could not be further from the truth. I haven't even told anyone about this girl so why on earth would someone send her this message about me? It had parts that are generic enough that could be accurate (i.e. that we've been texting/calling/facebooking), but the really damaging parts are completely INaccurate.

I just don't understand why or how someone could be so vindictive as to stoop to this level of low-ness. And it's so unfair that when I finally meet someone I'm prepared to feel vulnerable to again, this has to happen. I'm not sure what I've done to deserve this And now it's completely ruined something I was really happy and excited about.

Does anyone know if this is some sort of well-known prank, or do I have to do some investigative work to get to the root of this...
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It has the marks of a chain letter. However, if you can find out who sent it, you have a pretty good case for defamation of character (to wit, "HE IS A SEXUAL PREDATOR").

On a more general note, none of the behaviors described appear to be those of a sexual predator. I think those are fairly straight-forward and standard seduction tactics.
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This is terrible, you have to ask her who sent it. Try to google it or something and prove its a hoax.
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Your ex?
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I would have asked her to have the person name the "mutual friend". I wonder about this girl friend of yours though, how bad is it that someone is so willing to believe a completely random posting on facebook.
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IT sounds like the "predator" has pretty good game.
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ask her for who sent it alternatively get off the social networking sites. They're for kids.
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Originally Posted by Slopho View Post
I would have asked her to have the person name the "mutual friend". I wonder about this girl friend of yours though, how bad is it that someone is so willing to believe a completely random posting on facebook.

Also a posting that reads like it came from a psychotic ex who wants to screw him over.
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That is deeply rubbish. I would have thought if it was a hoax by a friend it would be more crude/over the top. It can't be anything but a deliberate sabotage attempt, weird. you have to find out where it is from, a friend of your ex? or something like that.
Bad luck.
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Confucius say: No matter what Facebook sabateur say, I am not sexual predator.
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Thanks guys...being alone in a foreign country doesn't help matters so your support is appreciated. My relationship with my ex is fantastic so it wouldn't be her, and she doesn't have a bad bone in her body.

This girl ("M" we'll call her) does say that it would be unfair for her to believe a random stranger, but nonetheless "finds the message disturbing". So it sounds like at least a part of her believes. But I know I would've written back and asked a lot more questions (e.g. who this "mutual friend" is) before confronting me about it, so yes it does say something about her too.

I've tried googling it and couldn't find anything. The coward who sent it obviously signed up under a different alias ("Jane Dohey") to send the message.

Clutching at straws but it could even be another guy who's a bit jealous perhaps? M is a gorgeous girl who gets plenty of male attention so maybe another young lad has seen the things we post on each others pages and hatched a plan....

Texas_jack, I hear what you're saying but I'm not exactly old myself

Anyway, thanks again for everyone taking the time to read and respond.
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Here's an idea. Ask her to ask this person to name one other girl this has happened to. Then you can follow up with her through facebook and have her prove its false. If the person can't name another girl, then it proves the message is bullshit.
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Bizzare situation to find yourself in. I would be pretty annoyed at your new girl that she's giving you a hard time over some sketch ball sending random messages. Did she ever attempt to interroage this person for details? what about contacting the many other people you apparently victimized with the excellent seductive skills?

Has she looked at the profile of this perosn sending the message? The message you copied and pasted is disturbing not for its content (which isn't bad, actually) but the way the person wrote it.
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I would love to be able to do all those things but M just doesn't want to talk about things. I've been reduced to the "lets just be friends" role.

So while everyone else goes along and continues happily with their lives as normal, I'm left standing here scratching my head in anguish, trying to pick up the pieces.
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Tell her it doesn't get less dangerous than having an ocean between you guys and enjoy your blueballing relationship.
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