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Originally Posted by cmeisenzahl View Post
I always wonder how people do a good job polishing a pair of spectators.
microfibre cloth. (i learnt recently suits also come in microfibre... /me shocked) edit: its spelt microfiber
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Is there a brand of horsehair brush that anyone would recommend more than the standard Kiwi brush, or are most shoe brushes pretty much equal?
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I simply pretend the holes arn't there and polish them like I would any other shoe. It just means there is an extra step at the end, but honestly it only takes a few minutes longer.
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Well, it depends. Sometimes manufacturers use a combination of fibers as well as horse hair and call it horsehair. Size is important, sorry male shoe brushes, as is the handle. How brittle or soft the hair is is also a consideration, depending on what you wish to do with it. There are many brands out there. Go to any higher end shoe store and they usually carry some good quality and reasonably priced brush. Around $20 is what I would pay.
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