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RRL Jeans  

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I just got my RRL jeans from the Polo.com sale. The tag says made in Japan (they love jeans there) and there are silly instuctions like dont wash for 90 days and dry clean only. I initially tried them on then they were like cardboard. That said, they fit, and the denim is unique -- so I washed them in cold water to loosen them up. http://www.polo.com/product/index.js...entPage=family Now they are the coolest jeans I have ever owned... work perfectly with a t-shirt or a dress shirt and a blazer and a pair of loafers. Highly recomend to those who enjoy 'hip' fashion, not for those sold on 501's. But the fit true to size and am considering another pair.
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so they don't shrink much with washing?
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I am glad they are resurrecting the double rl brand. I had a pair of jeans I bought in 92 or so from them. I absolutely loved them until I grew out of them. The Rhinelander Mansion and a couple of other select stores were the only place to get them back in the day. I did see a couple of weeks ago on polo.com they were to start selling them. I will have to check them out. Enjoy.
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Nice. I've been interested in those. They look great. Denim seems of high quality. How flared is the bootcut? How high is the rise?
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Jeans are "denim" and thus belong in Streetwear and "Denim". Is it so hard?
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