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Lol, after this I need a break from white oak for a while. I've actually had to order some white steel chisels made for use with a steel hammer to make life easier when using this material in the future.

I'm building some sculpture stands after this that shouldn't be too difficult to modify so that they can be built with a little more ease. I'm using Hell tenons to attach the top, but they could be subbed for plain tenons and glue or screws.
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What sort of plans are there for someone who just wants a bench but rather than something solid have wood slats (so air can circulate around trees)
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Most of what I've seen are called 'monkey poles', for instance Brian Van Fleet has a good design for that.

You could also take what I've designed ( or modified to fit my purpose) and remove the solid top, add two stretchers across the top underside and a few battens and then use a slatted top.

All of my pots have small feet (with exception to those big flats and plastic shits) so I went with a solid top. I felt it would protect the stretcher and joinery from constant wet/dry cycles.
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