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Fuck pines. Sort of. It isn't that the work is terribly hard but what you have to do you have to do in a period of a couple days. There's pine calendars around see for yourself, Julian Adams has the best.

TBH, just let the plum grow for a year, go to your local club meetings, see what they do, learn a bunch. Books are useful to an extent, you'll know what people are doing but you really just have to work on trees, man.
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I expect the learning process to be similar to my other hands-on hobbies such as woodworking. Books and the internet can only take you so far to build a knowledge base, past that it is a combination of doing the work and using reference to exceed past sticking points.
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Yup. You will probably learn more from killing trees than growing them
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Very true. In my case, the lesson was don't move across country and leave all your trees with someone who promises to follow the directions to the letter.



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