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Does anyone else use Skype? What do you think about it?
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I've tried it with one person only, but I thought it works pretty good. Better than I expected.
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Very good, and much better quality than MS messenger voice feature. I gave up though, on trying to buy credit to call regular phones. A look at their support forum reveals that they have a horde of potential customers that are unable to purchase credit. Not good business, if you ask me... B
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i live in a different country to my gf, which sucks, skype is our lifeline. saved us thousands and thousands of dollars in phone bills. its great. she uses Skypeout (paid PC-to-phone) with some success, I have never used it.
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I use it mainly for phone calls with Taiwan and Singapore, but might start using it for Europe as well.  The sound quality is good, you get used to the slight delay.  Only once have I had a person whose voice was totally distorted (and mine was to that person as well).  Yesterday, I received two strange calls from persons I do not know.
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Great program. But if you're a girl, don't use a feminine name. My gf did and was getting tons of unwanted invitations to chat.
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