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your theme song

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i've been thinking about what my theme song should be. (and no, it's not "Rat in a Cage" by Smashing Pumpkins.) here are some possibilities: Good Day Sunshine (Beatles) - nice, but a little boring and not energetic enough. plus it reminds me of the 'getting better' ad campaign for philips. Head Held High (Velvet Underground) - might be a contender. Good Vibrations (Brian Wilson/Beach Boys) - great song, but maybe a little kitschy and too hard to sing. ---- anyway, i was wondering if anyone else had a theme song. it's kindof a silly idea i guess, but why not? /andrew
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Gee, yours is easy: "me voici" from Faust.
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'Raise Your Fist' by Throwdown. xkenx
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"Sussudio" by Phil Collins
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"Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top or "Superhero" by Jane's Addiction
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Jan Hammer's Theme from Miami Vice
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hmmm....i feel like i have a few "Young Til I Die" by 7 Seconds "Rumble" and "Rawhide" by Link Wray "Green Onions" by Booker T & MGs
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"Green Onions" by Booker T & MGs
Excellent choice, though I'd go with "Melting Pot" myself... Had to pull that out and listen to it again.
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What the hell? Are we on Ally McBeal? Baby Elephant Walk The Colonel Bogey March
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William Shatner - Tambourine Man or Slayer - Dead Skin Mask depending on my mood.
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I have had three over the years - all instrumentals that I would like to have playing over my head as I walk around. They are: "Africa" by the trombonist Rico. "Big Black Sneakers" by the Raybeats "Scorpio 66" by the Action Plus
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modsquad's post reminds me: For Your Love (Yardbirds? Animals? Zombies?) Waterloo Sunset (the Kinks) The Old Main Drag (the Pogues) Four (Miles Davis)
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What the hell? Are we on Ally McBeal?
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Temptation - New Order
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Temptation - New Order
Nice. Jon.
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