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That turtle neck piece is rediculous ... i need that in my life , 3 sixteen really bringing it proper.
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That outerwear looks niiiiiccceee. Great 180 from the whole brand in general.
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Hey guys, here are some more fit pictures of all denim cuts and fabrics available right now. Our fit model is 5'10" and 155 pounds, and is wearing a size 29 in all the cuts.

Straight Leg:

Slim Leg:

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Nice pics...and is the model wearing the black striped seersucker utility shirt? If so, I wore the same one today lol. Will def. buy more of your clothing. Keep up the good work!
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The duffel is DOPE AS FUCK
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Great stuff.

Any chance of seeing how the slim fits age after some wear? I'm wondering how 'black' the resin coated will stay - I'm hoping that it doesn't stay uberblack forever.

FYI - I'm probably going to need all three pairs of those slim's in my life. They strike me as APC NS styled fit with awesome, awesome construction and build quality.
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Great looking product. Will definitely have to cop some of this stuff..
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Razele, we're pretty sure the black resin coated denim will age well with wear and will provide some interesting results. As far as actual pictures of how the denim wears... we don't have any yet, which is why we're getting ready to launch a contest with Selfedge soon. When Kiya is back from Japan and settled in he'll be posting up details.
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what denim are you guys gonna use? the ST indigo selvedge? I'd be interested in participating...
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Thanks ajchen for your answer. Will kiya be getting the grey raw slim? You guys make it hard to decide! Was going to get the indigo slim and black coated slim but I don't know, the grey seems to be beating the indigo for me ATM.
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Is it just me, or does the slim fit indigo (ST-100x) in ajchen's fit pics look lot looser than the slim fit black (ST-210) and gray (ST-300)? I was under the impression that they were the same cut.
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I concur, aqhong. If you go to selfedge, they look the same thier and have the same measurements.
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must've been a bigger size, even though it says they are all 29s the indigos definitely appear much looser
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Originally Posted by ajchen View Post
While I haven't had a chance to wear the bracelet much, I do have a Tanner Goods keychain lanyard that is made of the exact same leather as our bracelets which I've been using for the past year. It hasn't been oiled or anything - just everyday use. The bracelets should end up looking similar over time.

drool...sold me on a dual strand tan one.
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are the straight legs available in black?
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