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Originally Posted by Captain Winky View Post
As long as you're buying the SL, they should be able to accommodate your legs. I had trouble with the previous run of ST, so had to go with the bigger fit. However, I no longer really know what TTS means, and can really only compare to other jeans I own (I am a true 33-34, but never, ever buy bigger than a 32, and even that's pretty rare).

I measured last night and am 33 at the hip, where I wear the jeans. The 30s I got were very hard to close the top button on the first time, but began loosening within minutes. The first time I wore them for the whole day, they felt great by the end of the day, and sat very comfortably.

I'm about the same size waist (34) but I feel like I would need at least a 32 in the ST. I wear a 32 in most pants and 31 in most denim.
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Will there be another contest for 2010? I just got an SL indigo....

Can we also get more fit/wear pics?
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surprise.... 3sixteen now @ revolve
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just ordered the black slim tapered and the grey slim tapered w/ free shipping and return a discount so if they dont not stuck w/ a store credit
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Two questions: 1) If I'm shooting for a 32" waist with stretch, should I get a size 29 or a size 30 in the Slim Tapered cut? 2) Can someone confirm the inseam length on these? Selfedge says 36"; Revolve says 35" on the blacks, and 34.5" on the indigo.
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trust SE's measurements and buy both sizes...and just return the ones that dont fit...returning stuff to revolve is beyond easy
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Good point, thanks.
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Base size on revolve is 29? freakin lame!
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thanks for the Revolvetip! Copped the Greys. Saw these at SENY last week. Freakin nice!
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Does Revolve allow the "Tulip" etc coupon on these?
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[edit] Never mind.
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Originally Posted by dls6128 View Post
Yes, they allow both TULIP and first-timer discounts on the 3sixteens (not combined, of course).

Figures that they only carry size 29 and not 28! Wtf!
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coming down from Montreal to NYC tomorrow
gonna hit up self edge, hopefully pick me up some 3sixteen
was gonna get APC NS but if the 3sixteen are repro, I rather buy these
now black or indigo???? ...
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Regarding Revolve, no discount codes will work on any denim purchases going forward. We have a strict no-discount policy on our denim, and it was something they forgot to put in place when they launched the product. We've spoken with them and it's been rectified.

Munchy, I'll be at Self Edge NY all day tomorrow. Stop by.
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Just picked up a pair of the Grey from SENY over the phone... Ajchen, are you the one i spoke with over the phone? Either way, thanks!
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