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[quote=ajchen;2037499]Razele - thanks for the interest in the rest of our line. Here's a video preview of our upcoming Fall 2009 collection:


Love the video! Your Fall styles look great.

Jesus, I've been doing a good job of resisting the 5D Mark II. But it's killer with video.
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The black coated denim is awesome. Was going to do A.P.C's, but the quality on these jeans is great, taped bags, tanner patch, awesome cut. Going to grab both pairs at some point - that cut is awesome, pretty much perfect for what I want. 3Sixteen, looking forward to seeing more.
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Epaulet, thanks for the compliments. I've heard of your shop/line before...we both use the same sampling house on 36th - I've seen one of your shirts close up and they're very well made. We should get together for coffee sometime...
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Thanks! Shot you a PM.
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Originally Posted by ajchen View Post
As part of that upcoming collection, we did a few collaborations. The leather goods (tote, wallet, bracelets) are made in Portland, OR by our good friends Tanner Goods.
Can't wait to see the wallets! The duffle coat looks awesome too...I hope the smallest size is small enough for a girl
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Just wanted to post up some additional detail shots of the denim.

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What's the pricing on the 3sixteen x Quoddy shoes going to be like? Now that I didn't camp out for yeezys I have $300 more in disposable income than 90% of my hypebeast friends, but of course I don't want to spend that much...
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Awesome looking jeans and clothes and especially video! If I hadn't just gotten a pair of jeans like the slim straights I'd get those, hopefully they'll be around when I need another pair. That duffle coat is amazing too, I do need a coat for next winter...

But damn do I need to know what glasses the model is wearing, the browline ones, they look incredible! Could you let me know?
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Robertorex - the Quoddy for 3sixteen Deck Chukkas will retail for $330.

Nate - those are eyeglass frames that we designed. We have a few more tweaks to make but should be able to provide more information on them soon.
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Great video guys, make sure you keep this thead updated! I'd love to grab that field coat, looks fantastic. Is it charcoal or straight black?
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I want that duffle coat too but it's a preview of the Fall Collection which by that time is our (Australian) Spring. SADFACE.
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Just buy in advance + pick up stuff at end of the season. It's not as if steez here is good anyway. I.E Chronicles of Never kids.
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Damn I wish i knew about these before buying my ghAyPCs...
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Pocket flasher is a great addition
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Just got one of their seersucker utility shirts from Tobi today. So far thumbs up. Will post fit pics after I wash and iron it.

Meanwhile, check this article about them with some teaser pics for Fall 2009

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