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Originally Posted by wagthesam View Post
Hey guys, I bought the SL-100x - Straight Leg Indigo Selvedge from self edge and now I am kind of worried.

I wear levis 501 33's and I purchased SL-100x at 31" from SE. Is this going to be a bad fit? I measured my waist again today at where the jeans will fit and it measured 34.

I confused as to why you bought jeans that would be two sizes too small for you?
Regardless, you can exchange them if they don't fit.
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It said it would stretch to 34. Oh well, i guess I can do the exchange. Will they stretch after I wash them?
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Denim doesn't stretch after washes - if anything you may see a slight shrink in the denim, but the waist will stretch back out again after a wear or two. Our suggestion is this: if you can't comfortably button the jeans up when you receive them, then you should probably exchange them for a larger size. They will stretch in the waist up to 1.5" over time but you don't want them to be unbearably uncomfortable while stretching. I am guessing a size 32 will suit you better but you can decide when you receive your pair.
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What's the word on the Quoddy x 3sixteen?
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they keep pushing them back. i emailed kiya and 3sixteen and both are approximating 2 week time frame ...
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i guess we're keeping them pretty busy
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why is the leg opening bigger than the knee on some of the ST sizes? that might be a dealbreaker.
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If I were looking at 3sixteen denim, the knee measurement on the ST slim would also be a deal breaker for me, too (and I wear primarily tapered, slim jeans). Based on pictures and measurements, the knee is pretty damn small.
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Originally Posted by ajchen View Post
Hey guys, here are some more fit pictures of all denim cuts and fabrics available right now. Our fit model is 5'10" and 155 pounds, and is wearing a size 29 in all the cuts.

Straight Leg:

Slim Leg:

The st100x looks less fitted than the st210, is that an accurate representation? It looks like the same fit at selfedge. I don't want either of the first two fits, would I be better off sizing down on the SL?
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that pic of the ST-100x doesn't look right. It should be the same as the slim black coated. Look on blackbirds website
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There's something wrong with those photos, the ST-100x and ST-210 are the same exact fit. We've measured both jeans separately and they're both cut from the same pattern.
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Do these ever go on sale? I'm trying to figure out how I can pick up a pair of indigo raw selvedge for my next pair of pants.
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These do not go on sale, at $175 they're already worth every penny spent on them.
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The slims were about $100 a few weeks ago when Blackbird had a big sale. But kiya's right. At the non-sale price point, these jeans are worth it.
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true, but my wallet doesn't agree
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