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This is just awesome:

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Originally Posted by mustbethejohns View Post

This is just awesome:

I just read this a couple hours ago and he makes some valid points. I'm seriously thinking about getting a pair soon.

Originally Posted by ZVincler View Post

A quick picture of the honeycombs of my SL-100x. Seven months of wear. Just had their first wash recently by accident. Had them on the floor of someone's place and they decided to do laundry in the morning. Using regular detergent (probably too much) and they weren't even turned inside out frown.gif. oh well



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Don't worry, I think they still look pretty good.

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I'm considering grabbing a pair of the SL-120x shadow denim when blueowl gets them back in stock.  Since this is a new run will there be any changes to the overall design/shape of the denim?  


I've read that 3sixteen has a tight denim weave and you can only get .5-1" of stretch in the waist?  Is this accurate?  I have to order online as there are no stores near me that carry 3sixteen and want to make sure I get the right size...


Can anyone compare the 3sixteen denim to that of Naked and Famous LHT?  Those are my only other pair of raw denim and I love them...but I'm excited to get a second pair to rotate in.  The shadow denim should differ in color from the LHT from what I see in pictures, correct?  What about fade pics??  I haven't seen anybody post a legit fade pic of the shadow denim...



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as far as I know, no one has posted up any sort of significant fades on the shadows.  As far as sizing goes, you'll definitely need to size up at least 1 from a N&F Weird guy.  If I recall correctly the LHTs ran pretty big as well, that on top of the minimal stretching, I'd say possibly size up 2, depending on the fit youre going for.

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I'll figure out the fit based on the measurements on blueowl and self edge once the new denim is in stock. I just need to be sure i account for the proper amount of stretching.  


Is the shadow denim relatively new?  Is that why there aren't any real fade pics yet?


I just read something saying that 3sixteen is extremely soft's still rigid enough to form creases and get decent fades correct?  I mean I've seen fade pics but reading that it is super soft sounds kind of strange for raw denim...

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I have a pair of st-100x from 2 years ago that stretched a good 2" in the waist (no more than that though). so i'm not sure about 3sixteen struggling to stretch much.

as for shadow denim, it came out 8 months ago. they just posted on their tumblr several days ago some fade shots.
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a few runs ago they tightend up the denim weave i believe.  everything from late 2011 til now seems to say .5" - 1" of stretch max I think.....hoping to have somebody in the know confirm that.


thanks for the fade pic.

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Does this photo show a new style from 3sixteen? Found the photo on the 3sixteen tumblr.

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Can anyone tell me how the Slim Tapereds compare to APC Petit Standard? I have the APCs now, but I'd like something that is a drop bigger in the leg but not too much. I am worried that the STs will be too big.

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the STs are similar in the thigh I would say a size smaller PS, but has a bit larger rise (thankfully), the taper from knee to leg opening is not as drastic as the PS I would say, but its not massively different.  All in all, the ST is a better cut imo, the rise on the PS is just brutal for a tall dude like me.

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^this. I don't think you'll try on a pair of STs and think you have too much room in the leg. But then again, it is your personal preference on how tight you actually want it to be once it's stretched out a bit. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised after trying on the STs as it fit much better for me and I also prefer a slim leg.
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Andrew, are the restocks in SENY? Ordered a 33 ST100 during the sale but you guys were out of stock and waiting for the inventory so I can come roll thru and get it hemmed.
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Originally Posted by mustbethejohns View Post

Does this photo show a new style from 3sixteen? Found the photo on the 3sixteen tumblr.

It could be...They are working on a new cut called the Classic Straight that is based on the 1947 LVC 501 fit.

And since I'm here...

SL-100x Almost 3 years biggrin.gif
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SL-100x, 19 months wear, one cold soak at 7 months. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






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Those last two pairs are unreal. Great job to both of you.
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