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I'm waiting for Dior Homme to bring back the jean shorts.
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Shorts and a polo shirt for me. Sandals can sub for sneakers with your shorts, by the way.
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I have to say that I love my cargos. I have about 4 or five pairs that I wear. I think its the number of pockets? I cant see my self wearing kakhi shorts, tucked in polos with boat shoes. Not to insult anyone but maybe its an age thing(I'm 28). I would like to wear pants but I would just get to HOT. I had a pair of linen pants years ago and I hated them because they were always creased.
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Frankly, I have never once been outside in the heat (including Taiwan in August - miserable to say the least) and thought to myself, "Man, my calves are really warm. If only I were wearing shorts..." Do you all find shorts to be that much cooler?
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It's not your calves, it's your upper legs and reproductive organs. They need to be ventilated. It's been seven years and the days I wore long pants in Taiwan are still painfully etched in my memory. Same for HK. But I wasn't wearing linen pants then. I think men with very slim legs and minimal hair look pretty good in shorts. I like the short white cotton shorts and tight white polo tucked in with some tan thongs. Obviously you have to be tanned and exfoliated and a model for this look. I'm not, so I haven't tried it. Having probably offended some one with that image, I will say that I agree that Jean shorts are terrible.
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Going off-topic, I declare that all denim shorter than capri length are terrible on both men and women. That means denim skirts and denim short-shorts too. I'm not even sure why this makes sense, but it certainly does. Just what is it about the denim shorts that are so dorky? Is it really the clothes or the people that wear them?
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Guess you haven't seen that new Jessica Simpson video, Kent.
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Guess you haven't seen that new Jessica Simpson video, Kent.
Is that the Daisy Duke outfit? Boss Hogg may not be a dandy But Daisy duke is pure eye candy.
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I don't see anything wrong with a nice pair of cotton or linen Bermuda shorts. I've got severals pairs of shorts by Bill's, Borrelli, Paul Stuart, Brooks, RL and a few others. These are not short shorts. They are rather dressy and are quite long -- the Borrelli's nearly reach my knees (and I'm 6 ft. 3 in.). Paired with a nice shirt, I think they are quite appropriate for wearing at home or around the neighborhood (walking the dog; going to a neighbor's BBQ; etc.). Frankly, I find it a big relief to slip into shorts during a hot DC summer day at the office, along with a polo shirt and my flipflops or Bean mocs.
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