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Summer clothing?

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I was doing a search on sneakers for the summer. In my reading all the different post I noticed a lot of people do not like to wear shorts especially with sneakers. I was wondering on a hot summer day what else would you wear. For me its a t-shirt cargo shorts flip flops or maybe some white sneakers. Yes this might not be the most fashionable outfit but what would be the alternative???
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I'm all for shorts -- I've got nice legs.     You could do linen pants.  Or tissue chinos.  Honestly, I think those two options are nearly as good as shorts in terms of physical coolness, and either one can be worn with leather thongs and look great, IMO. Lightweight wool can actually be lighter than even linen in my experience, but they don't look good with thongs, which makes them not as good an option.
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I never wear shorts unless i'm workingout or swimming. I just don't like the way they look. As for what i wear, jeans, silk trousers, or linen pants usually. Unless i'm at work then its a suits that i've grown to hate now adays.
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I only wear shorts at the gym and during other athletic activity. I'd wear them at the beach too but I'm not a beach person. Other than that, I feel shorts are for boys and not men and am quite happy to see few men overseas wearing them in cities when I travel. When it's hot, I wear lightweight wool, jeans, or least likely, chinos. I'll wear a linen shirt but don't care for linen trousers.
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I haven't worn shorts since high school. Seriously, toughen up and put on some pants. It's really not that bad. If you must wear shorts, pair it with flip-flops. I would also avoid cargo shorts. Something similar styled like swimming trunks would help you pull off that beach look.
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I have nice muscular legs so I enjoy wearing shorts during the summer. I have a very comfy pair of khaki cargo shorts and a ne wpair of brigh green ones I am waiting to wear. I wear these with flip flops. I also wear cargo pants, jeans, and dress pants during the summer. Wear what you like and what feels comfortable to you...
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I have great legs and I never wear shorts (save for the gym or the beach). In my opinion, they never look good - I mean, what's the right length for shorts? Mid-thigh? Village people. Above the knee? Morton's Salt Boy. Below the knee? Huckleberry Finn.
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I understand where people are coming from who eschew short pants, but when it's hot, it's hot. I look stupid in linen pants, and though I like my poplin chinos, shorts are more comfortable. If I'm bumming around or golfing a public course, I'm wearing shorts. I have a couple pairs of shorts (oxford cloth shorts and chino shorts) that I wear with leather flip flops. I also have a pair of olive drab shorts with button-tab belt loops that I'll occasionally wear sockless with low-profile sneakers. Bottom line is - if you're reasonably young and not obeying a dress code, there's no reason not to wear shorts when it's 90+ degrees - other than purposefully standing out from the comfortable crowd. I get a lot of compliments on these: On sale at Brooks Brothers. Don't wear'em that high.
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I agree with this. I mean, I'm not saying go shopping on Madison Avenue in shorts. But if you are in the heat of the NYC summer (or "whatever hot city summer"), and you are bumming around your neighborhood (for example, having a nice outdoor lunch on a Saturday afternoon, or sipping an iced coffee at the park), what's wrong with an untucked lavender polo and stone colored tissue chino shorts paired with leather flip flops? It's the male equivalent of the linen skirt and tank top for women -- a look that I certainly don't complain about on a good looking woman.
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Avoid at all costs denim shorts, aka jean shorts, aka jorts. This is the epitome of dorkiness.
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Avoid at all costs denim shorts, aka jean shorts, aka jorts. This is the epitome of dorkiness.
Agreed. Here in SoFLA you need to wear shorts in the summer if you are going to be outside. It gets way too hot and humid to really wear pants, unless perhaps a pair of either ultra-light weight cotton or linen. Jon.
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I like to wear both linen trousers and cargo shorts in summer. I think it's possible to look good in both, depending on the circumstances. (NB: I'm young and live in Australia. Your mileage may vary elsewhere.)
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That goes without saying. I'd also say -- possibly subject to age limits or "golf course exceptions" -- that one should avoid pleated shorts and microfiber shorts as well.
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Jeepers guys... I live in the land of 8 months of winter and four of bad sledding. When warm weather finally arrives, I love to break out my shorts. They're all khakis or seersucker. I wear flip-flops or Top Siders. Polo shirts, tucked or untucked. We literally go from cold, wet thaw to 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity over the course of a couple weeks. When summer hits, shorts and polos are the leisure time uniform here. (BTW: I'm 50 and have legs like a Biafran refugee.)
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I know some don't like it, but shorts, a (preferably untucked) polo shirt, and boat shoes are a classic summer casual look. I see no problem so long as the shorts aren't of the really short variety (or aren't so long as to resemble capri pants). I do agree that jeans shorts are a no-no.
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