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Does anyone have feedback on Leonello Borghi bags? Some are too gaudy for me, but there are a few I find quite attractive. Not sure about quality?
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A bunch of Trussardi 1911 bags on Yoox now. Prices are at least half-60% off retail and several of the styles are those I didn't see for sale in the USA. SO, if you are interested and have the $500-800 to spend, go for it! Be sure to post pics/reviews in this thread. We've discussed the brand some in this thread, but quality, style, materials... they're top notch. At full retail, they're in the Dior/Gucci/Prada price range, but from what I've seen, their better made and more interesting all around.
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Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post

I figured you'd like that one. It's quite large, however, so it might be harder to use/pull off than one might think. As well, given its size, I'm curious about the way that the handles attach to the bag... those metal clips seem a little odd for a large bag like that.

Nevertheless, it's a beautiful bag and I think it would really look nice over time, with some wear and use. $850, though, even though a decent price... is still a lot of scratch.
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I don't see anywhere to attach a shoulder strap, which is kind of a deal breaker for me anyway.
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shoulder strap? That sounds bitchmade sir!
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Originally Posted by Desi View Post
shoulder strap? That sounds bitchmade sir!

yeah sorry i don't feel like carrying a bag with 5-10 lbs of stuff in it with my hand for hours at a time
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Originally Posted by pdsf View Post
Does anyone have feedback on Leonello Borghi bags? Some are too gaudy for me, but there are a few I find quite attractive. Not sure about quality?

Styling is nice, but the quality for the price hasn't thrilled me with the stuff I've seen. As well, you'll see that Gilt has them listed as "imported," which is fancy-salesman speak for "Made in China."

The whole brand sort of seems like one of Barney's "we limit distribution so that we can charge whatever we want" sort of things.
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I was looking for a b-day present for my papa! Thanks for posting this thread.

Originally Posted by rach2jlc View Post
I figure we know the "famous' brands like LV, Gucci, etc., so maybe a fewer others you might not consider:

Aristolasia: ($250-900)
Pros:Interesting leathers and fabric linings, made in Italy, nice styling that ranges from simple to ornate. Washed, worn treatments, decent leathers, and low-key branding that won't look like a brand whore. As well, fair pricing in comparison to other brands, especially when found on YOOX at discount.
Cons: Styling can sometimes be a little too worn/washed, leathers sometimes delicate or damaged easily. Hardware is cheap-ish (small ykk zippers, so/so rivets, etc.)
FINAL VERDICT: I returned or gave away the 3 Aristolasia bag I had, just because they didn't fit my style and were too worn and "smooshy." I would still, however, consider them again if I wanted that kind of bag.

Lambertson Truex ($400-800)
PROS: My favorite "Quality to Price" Ratio brand. Good leathers, simple styling, fair prices. Full men's collection of accessories.
CONS: Going out of business! Made in China (though this isn't really a con because they pass on savings to customer).
FINAL VERDICT: Won't be around much longer, but get what you can on discount and use it.
EDIT 5/3: Just read that Tiffany & Co. bought Lambertson Truex, so hopefully it won't be going out of business!

Jil Sander ($800-3000)
Prada-owned Jil bags were basically top-end Prada bags with a Jil Sander logo. made in the same factories with same hardware, too. Simplified design, good leathers, good hardware. Current bags are made... I don't know where. A LOT more variety in the current seasons, but the styling is sometimes odd. Hardware and materials look cheaper to me than the older ones.
FINAL VERDICT: I'm biased. I like the older stuff and it's been my "go to" brand for several years, but I do like that current Jil has a much larger accessories collection. It's up to you.

Furla Uomo ($400-900)
PROS: They have an entire men's collection that follows seasonal trends. Relatively affordable, in comparison to other brands. Made in Italy, styling is often simple and no-nonsense, quite durable.
CONS: Hardware and leathers often second-tier. Sometimes hard to find in the US. Shitty, no-value dollar makes the retail (in euros) go up to the point of hardly being affordable anymore.

Miu Miu ($600-2000)
Basically the same Pros/Cons as Prada (it's Prada's younger/cheaper sort of second-line), only the construction is generally not as good. Many bags made outside Italy, like Turkey, Morocco, etc. As well, styles can sometimes be weird to the point of being hideous. Pricing is often slightly less than Prada, but not much. NOTE: They recently suspended the men's line, so from 2008 on you probably won't find many Miu Miu manbags. Some of the older ones, though, are still floating around.
FINAL VERDICT: Sometimes fun and quirky, sometimes weird and poorly made. Depends on your style whether it's worth it for you.

Claudio Orciani ($300-1000)
I really liked the styling, but the two bags I had used plasticky-feeling leathers and cheap hardware. Yoox is their official outlet for discounts, but I wasn't impressed even at the discounted price. At full retail... no way. Instead, I would go for Aristolasia (mentioned above) before Orciani, as they have a similar aesthetic style, but the Aristolasia seemed higher quality.
FINAL VERDICT: I wouldn't, personally, but that's just me. There are others out there who do it better.

Collection Privee ($800-2500)
Like Aristolasia, Jas MB, and Orciani, one of the first to do the whole "washed/relaxed/luxe" aesthetic. Sort of goth-ninja-ish. Materials and leather have been very nice, in my experience, though sometimes TOO washed/worn styled and almost delicate feeling. Very expensive, but easily found on discount.
FINAL VERDICT: If I were to go goth-ninja, I'd probably buy a lot more CP. Interesting aesthetic and brand, though sometimes odd.

A.G. Spalding & Co. ($250-500)
License from the Baseball Glove maker held by an Italian company. Not sold in the US; but you can find it easily abroad and on yoox for decent prices. Overall, nice stuff. Simple styling, decent hardware (fiocci snaps and such), full-grain leathers, for the most part. As well, nobody has heard of it here, so nobody will accost you about the brand when you walk down the street. Recommended especially for business/work bags.
Cons: Styling sometimes boring and synthetic materials (nylons and such) have a cheaper feel. Stick to the leathers.
FINAL VERDICT: Another under-the-radar go-to brand from Yoox. I have 4 or 5 things from them that I use weekly for work.

Calvin Klein Collection ($1000-2500)
PROS: Minimal styling, nice leathers and hardware, made in Italy, and durable. Everybody thinks this line is just the same-ole crappy CK, so you can usually find it on discount for next-to-nothing. As well, nobody bugs you about the bag, except that it's very nice.
CONS: Hard to find. Distribution is very limited and so actually encountering a point of sale for the bags is tough (except outside NYC at the flagship). Very expensive (canvas totes run $1000 or more).
FINAL VERDICT: No Complaints. If I lived in a place where I could get access to CK Collection more often, I'd have a lot more stuff. The 4 or 5 items I have now are all ones I use all the time.

Marni ($800-2000)
I'm just not a Marni fan, never have been. Styling is sometimes neat (sort of bohemian chic, relaxed, worn styling), but prices are hilariously absurd. $900 for an ecological leather tote bag or messenger? No thanks. Construction and hardware are decent, but again, not at their prices. I only recommend if you find it 90% off.
FINAL VERDICT: Why would you even think of Marni? (lol) Just buy a bag from the Gap and sandpaper the hell out of it.

Malo ($1000-3500)
PROS: Nice leathers, simple styling, durable. Almost no branding/logos.
CONS: Expensive, nobody has ever heard of it (just WHERE can you buy it?), sometimes aesthetic interests overtake ergonomics and create a completely useless, though beautiful, bag.
FINAL VERDICT: I like it. It's cheaper than Valextra, but I find them to have a similar sort of vibe, albeit Valextra is higher quality.

Holland & Holland ($800 and up)
The gunmaker? YES, they have a full men's accessories line.
PROS: Very manly/rugged, yet superlatively constructed. Nice canvasses, nice leathers, though not as "stuffy" as Brigg, Smythson, etc. Sort of like Filson, only for the Rolls-Royce crowd.
CONS: Hard to find. As well, H&H has had some money troubles, so will they stay around? Styling can SOMETIMES be a little boring.
FINAL VERDICT: I like my H&H items, though I don't use them all that much. Would definitely consider purchasing again, if I could find them more easily.

Loewe ($1000 and up)
Spanish brand, owned by LVMH.
PROS: Beautiful leathers and styling, sort of like Bottega Veneta, but more Spanish (haha). Has a relaxed feel, like BV, though just slightly more classic/traditional.
CONS: Unknown in the US, so really hard to find. Expensive. Sometimes styling is a bit overdone and garish.
FINAL VERDICT: Beautiful stuff, well-made, under-the-radar. If you can afford it... what's not to like?

Marc Jacobs (mainline) ($900-2000)
PRIS: Simple styling, excellent construction and hardware. made in Italy. Follows seasonal trends, but always maintains a simple, relaxed sort of chic. Also makes a line of very low cost "special items" for his Marc by MJ stores that are fun and durable.
CONS: Expensive, sometimes "too" simple/relaxed and looks like expensive GAP. Relatively hard to find, in comparison to his women's bags.
FINAL VERDICT: I like MJ and find them to be very nice items, quality and price wise, when compared to his competition.

Will update this post with more soon... going to breakfast now!
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There was quite a bit of hype in the press when these Chester Wallace bags came out about a year ago, did anyone kop? Any feedback on them??
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IN terms of simplicity of design, functionality, and quality of materials... the current Valextra men's seasonal offering is JUST about perfect.... the perfect tote, the perfect duffle, the perfect messenger.

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^ Love the duffle. I am sure I'd hate the price.
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Originally Posted by pdsf View Post
^ Love the duffle. I am sure I'd hate the price.

Wouldn't we all. Have no idea the current retail, but I'd guess probably in the $3K neighborhood. Totes probably in the low to mid 2's, with the messenger about the same.
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funny story: yesterday while at work I was going through shipment. came across all these black Urban Renewal purses. Looked inside and all of them said "Coach". Some had the little coach tag, a few had the inside print, but most just had the coach "stamp" with all the statement saying: this is a coach product blabh blabh blah.
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