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Desi and Caveat, I just got a gilt city email for a coach 25% coupon
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So if it the tag had a reputable European country on it, the jacked up price would be reasonable? even if the quality was the same as one MIC? Different companies have different standards of demand. I'm happy and grateful for your knowledge on bags of different companies, but just how much of what you're saying is bias and maybe over exaggerated? Yes, China's got a bad rap for making low quality stuff, Japan was like that once, believe it or not, but the way I'm reading it, with the stuff you don't seem to like your self, it sounds like they'll fall apart within a year. 

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Does anyone have experience with products from Glenroyal?
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As far as I am aware, Glenroyal are owned by a Japanese company, and all their output goes to Japan.

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^Thanks. Yes I have seen some japanese sites with Glenroyal products, but I have also seen some of their products at Linkson Jack:


And seen a favourable review here:


I like the look of their products, but I wonder if anyone else has any experience with them?
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I am quite particular about the kind of leather bags I use and have never really found something that has ticked all those dots if you know what I mean. This led me to work on a bag of my own and I have just received my first prototype.


I would really like if you readers could give me your comments


Please make sure you ignore the colour as this was a bit of a misunderstanding and we are not going with that


If you don't like something I would appreciate if you could also suggest what you think you would like


Thanks Again







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 I'm not much of a "manbag" sort of a person, although I do carry a 5.11 Tactical MOAB 10 sling bag for my EDC items.  Not very stylish but it gets the job done.  There are are some really nice recommendations in this thread though.  I haven't read thru all the pages so I apologize if someone has already posted these but I recommend pretty much anything from Saddleback Leather.  I've scene their messenger bag in person and it is a piece of artwork.  The quality is outstanding.



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For those looking to snag a new briefcase/ manbag, I have two Like-New Tumi Briefs up for sale on the marketplace.

One is a beautiful Italian Coated Saffiano Canvas (like the leather, but inifinitely more durable).
The other is a Nylon/Leather briefcase, similar to the Arrive Kennedy.

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Any feedback/opinions on the Ecoalf bags on Gilt today? I'm curious particularly about the London briefcase:


Gilt does not have this color, but the pics in the other colors look a little ugly. The only info I have found says they are a Spanish brand that uses recycled materials. The briefcase is nylon with leather details. It has a padded sleeve (I assume for a laptop). I compared the dimensions to the Filson 256, which has been on my wishlist, and this looks very similar in size.

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^ Personally, I'd go for the Filson 256. The new version in navy looks fab. It'd also last much longer vs the Ecoalf. Disclaimer: I am not a fan of nylon, and my personal experience with Filson bags, as a daily user, has been great.
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Just ordered a Barbour wax holdhall, was planing on using it as a weekend bag since I travel alot, it might be slightly too big though to go as a cabin bag


If it ends up being too big I will probably get a fjällräven no 4 duffle (large) or a filson small duffle.
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I'm heading to kusadasi turkey, I understand there are a bunch of leather factories, anyone have any ideas?
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Found this by accident . The flat Ipad case is great for anyone riding bike or bicycle. Very well made and thought through design.
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Concensus on current coach briefcases? They look good on-site.
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Originally Posted by vinouspleasure View Post

I'm heading to kusadasi turkey, I understand there are a bunch of leather factories, anyone have any ideas?

No idea actually. Have you made the trip? Did you visit any factories?
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