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Originally Posted by DesignerValet View Post

^That looks like it's from the luggage line, not the fashion collections IMO. Wouldn't pay $100 for it, let alone $300.

+1... that's ridiculous. MUCH better (leather) bags out there for $300.
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Ok, I have a dilemma: I've figured out the bag I want to get, and I get get it in either black (for retail price) or camo (for maybe 1/3 of retail).



- much cheaper
- might be easier to pair with brown shoes/jacket, since it has brown in it
- I might end up liking it more than I expect
- probably more interesting than plain black
- camo pattern is pretty subtle


- camo is kinda trendy, might look played-out after a couple of years
- I don't usually go for camo
- doesn't come with any kind of factory guarantee
- not returnable if I don't like it
- Nick Wooster wears camo



- more low-key
- won't look dated
- probably factory guaranteed
- more in line with my usual tastes
- returnable


- more expensive
- might be harder to pair with brown/warm color palettes

Pictures of the camo model:

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Camo FTW.
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^ But two years from now, will it be "camo WTF"?
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I would go camo! You seem to be quite worried what is trendy and what other people will think. If you like it and it matches your personality then fuck em. Plus I dont see camo not being stylish anytime soon (streetwear wise), maybe when the military stops being badass.
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I don't have an issue with the camo; it looks rather more like an ombre effect IMO.
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anyone have any recs for a soft leather or canvas briefcase with a removable shoulder strap? can't really find any really nice ones (nothing too bank-breaking please).

this jack spade one's pretty much what i'm looking for with regards to shape/design. sucks that it's nylon...
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

this etwas one is pretty nice too, but it costs quite a bit and is not 100% what i'm looking for (dimensions are off, no shoulder strap, no zips)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

^ But two years from now, will it be "camo WTF"?

yes, probably. you might want a new bag by then anyway though.
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that is a really subtle camo, would not worry about it looking dated.
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Don't know if you've found these yet but proud as I am of my small collection, this guy can really produce the goods!
Hope you like,
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Sorry the URL seems difficult to load so if not try:
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Hi all. Need a recommendation on a (waxed) canvas briefcase/satchel.

I am basically looking for something similar in aesthetic to the Ernest Alexander bag seen here: but at a somewhat lower price point (maybe $300 max). Double straps especially important. Any tips?
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Just recently picked up a couple bags for myself... on the right is an Ernest Alexander x Club Monaco Hudson and on the right is a J.Crew factory weekender. Mainly grabbed the weekender because it matches well with my Hudson, though it's not waxed so I may attempt to wax it myself.

Does anybody know how the quality is on J.Crew factory bags? I assume it's probably not so great.. the bag doesn't feel anywhere near as well-constructed or quality in terms of material compared to the Ernest Alexander bag but I figure it may be enough to haul clothes around for short trips and whatnot.

Also, anyone know anything about quality of the Ernest Alexander x Club Monaco collab compared to the main Ernest Alexander line items? Any differences?

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Apologies for the awful cameraphone picture - better images to follow when I find my digicam.

I've waited a while for this (it went from the US to the UK twice before it arrived at my door) but I was lucky enough to find a used Glaser Flaptop. I can reiterate and build upon everything that has been said about Myron Glaser's products before - the quality is seriously good (and I've had bags from Swaine, Adeney & Brigg, Hermes, Papworth, Mulberry, Mulholland, Tusting, Billingham, Chapman etc) and the design is very well thought out; lots of little touches that make sense when you use them.

It already has some patina from the previous owner; I've given it a coat of Nivea and I'm looking forward to adding some patina of my own.

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