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Damn, this is gonna be extensive:

Rolex Submariner ref 5513 "Maxi"
Rolex GMT-Master ref 1675 (1968) "Pepsi"
Rolex GMT-Master ref 1675 (1968) "Rootbeer"
Rolex Datejust ref 16030

Heuer "Bund" ref 1550SG
Heuer Autavia ref 1163"V"

Omega Speedmaster Professional ref ST 145.022 (1969)
Omega Seamaster Professional (90's)
Omega 6B/159 RAF-issued (40's)

IWC red gold cal 89 (50's)
Wittnauer ultrathin white gold (50's)
Eterna-Sonic Kontiki (70's)

Doxa Sub300T Professional US Diver's Co (70's)
Memosail Regatta (70's)
Seiko 6309-7040 (1984)

LUC/Chopard silver pocketwatch

Custom PVD Submariner (in the works...)

...and more...

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Six and I only wear one, my black Skagen titanium, sure it's rather plain and cheap, but it's hand down the most comfortable watch I've ever worn. I wish I could find something else a bit nicer that's thin and light weight.
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About 20 mechanical watches + a couple of quartz/digital watches
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What are some good $80-150 watches out there? I own a Seiko Samurai but Im interested in a less sporty watch (something very minimalistic and plain yet good looking) in the same price range
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I've got 2 Speedmaster Professionals, Sinn 903 and a Swiss Army Ambassador XL with a handwound Unitas movement.

I usually wear one of the Speedmasters daily, and then play around with the Swiss Army and the Sinn on the weekends. The other Speedy has been sitting in my safety deposit box for the past 3 years....I should probably start wearing it but it was a wedding gift and I don't want to subject it to daily abuse.

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not enough, 5 with one more on the way. none are quartz and nothing too crazy... yet.
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when I stop and think about it, I actually have 4 watches. But the only one I wear is Tag Heuer, planning to get another one around $2K with a leather strap.
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1 PML. Even if I had other watches I would never wear them.
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Watches are my passion. Rolex Daytona Rolex Submariner TT Rolex Sea Dweller. IWC Fliegerchronograph Spitfire. Omega Speedmaster Pro. Omega Seamaster chrono 300 m. JLC Grande Reserve Breitling Navitimer World. Breitling Steelfish X Sinn U1 Tag Heuer Carrera. Oris Meistertaucher. Panerai 111 ....
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Never mind. Forgot I posted on the page before this.

My AD says that he'll work with me on a SS white face Daytona but I'm kinda feeling a Big Pilot these days. Decisions, decisions.......
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Now we are talking. These are all the watches I have ever owned in order of purchase. Will flag those that are still with me.

#1 Dad's Rolex Day Date. Still with me although Dad isn't anymore.

#2 Heuer Carrera re-edition. My first "good" watch that I purchased myself. No longer with me.

#3 Zenith El Primero. My first watch of horological significance. No longer with me but I have a gentleman's agreement on repurchase at original sale price.

#4 Panerai PAM124E. 500 pieces worldwide. My first Panerai. Still with me.

#5 Master Compressor Geographic. No longer with me but I have a gentleman's agreement on repurchase at original sale price.

#6 Panerai PAM115E. 88 of 300. No longer with me and my single biggest regretful sale.

#7 Panerai PAM183. No longer with me. Tip: Never buy a watch without seeing it in real life first.

#8 JLC Amvox 1. No longer with me. Sacrificed for a greater good.

#9 Panerai Pre-A PAM1 T dial. Still with me. Can't believe how much this is worth on the secondary market.

#10 Panerai PAM92 Arktos. Never took a pic of this. No longer with me. A regretful sale but the welded NSEW markers were lint magnets that drove me mad!

#11 Patek 5111 Gondolo. My first Patek and first gold watch purchased with my hard earned dolalrs. Love this watch. Still with me.

#12 Rolex Daytona 116520 Z series. Still with me. A great watch.

#13 Panerai Pre-Vendome 301/A Mare Nostrum. Still with me but no pictures.

#14 Panerai PAM28A. Check out that patina. Still with me. Safe queen.

#15 Sinn U1. Awesome watch. No long with me. Miss it like crazy. Will be getting another one in the near future.

#16 Panerai PAM249. Still with me. Love the fact it doesn't have any branding on the dial.

#17 Casio Protek PRG-90. The kitchen sink watch - Hours, minutes, seconds, day, date, month, year, perpetual calender, chronograph, split second, count down timer, 26 timezones with two programmable zones, compass, barometer, temperature, altimeter, six alarms, altitude memory, backlit screen and solar recharging via crystal.

#18 Bell & Ross Phanthom. No longer with me. Too casual and a totally impractical watch.

#19 Seiko Sports 5 Diver. Won't bore you with the uninteresting reference number. Still with me.

#20 Seiko Disc Burger. Japan market only. Still with me. An awesome watch.

#21 Seiko Sports 5 Diver. Won't bore you with reference numners. Still with me. My beater.

#22 Romain Gautheir Collection Prestige. My first independent brand. The craftmenship is totally out of this world Taking this to the grave with me.

A photo of the back. It doesn't get any more watch geek than this. It took 9 months to make. Production is no more than 25 watches per annum.

#23 Sarpaneva Korona K2 with customisations. My second independent brand with significant modifications from me including the rose gold movement. Still with me.

#24 MIH Annual Calender and monopusher chronograph. My third independent brand. An awesome horological achievement. Still with ne

#25 Patek 5124 Gondolo. My son's watch. Picked this up a day after his birth. Never to be sold.

#26 Rolex GMT-II Ceramic 116710 picture with First Edition of Dr No. A great watch. Still with me.

#27 A. Lange & Sohne Richard Lange. A fabulous watch. No longer with me. Sacrificed for the greater good.

#28 Panerai PAM26K re-edition. Getting very little wrist time. Still with me. Potential sacrificial lamb.

#29 Seiko Orange diver. No photo. Still with me.

#30 Jaquet Droz Sports Watch. Fantastic design. Production flaw meant that it has been sent back to the manufacture. Still with me but not with me. This was the last Swiss watch purchase.

#31 Seiko Sports 5 Diver. No picture. Still with me.

#32 Casio Protek PRG-130. Functionality as with the PRG-90 but with a slimmer case plus tide and moonphase indicator. Still with me.

All up, I have owned 32 watches. I have currently 22 in my collection.
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2 for me. A Seiko my dad gave me almost 30 years ago (it's my dress watch - nice but plain, takes a battery) and a Swiss Army casual watch I picked up 10 years ago for weekend wear
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3 watches

1) Sinn 103 St/SA my everyday watch (yes, I know tool watch w/ suit = faux pas for some)
2) Timex Ironman heart rate thingy - but I am thinking about buying a Suunto T6c (built in GPS, computer O2 consump)
3) ChinaTown Lange and Sohn replica automatic - as my dress watch. Has a date and power reseve, and is accurate. Was wearing it one day, and a fellow at work who collects watches as a "hobby" saw it, and was all gaga about it (he has some costly stuff). I told him it was a replica, and he felt embarrassed. Now I want to ditch it and just get a Hamilton or Omega automatic from the 1950s

Having more than 2 mechanicals seems like too much of a pain to me(40 hour reserve), and I find the idea of buying a winder just ridiculous.
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Just one.
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Wow gazman, you may have a problem, lol.
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