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Vestimenta and Brioni

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I made a trip to my local Filene's Basement (in Manhasset, NY), hoping to find a black velvet jacket I've had my eye on in the clearance rack. That wasn't there anymore, but I found two other interesting jackets. First was a Vestimenta fatto a mano jacket in 44R that was selling for around $250 after discounts. The second was a light brown herringbone Brioni sportcoat for Louis Boston in 44L that was mistranslated by Filene's and marked as 34L, going for ~$565 after discounts. I am not too informed on Vestimenta except that it's a quality company. Does anyone know where on the Vestimenta spectrum the fatto a mano line falls into? The chest piece seemed a bit stiffer and less natural than the Brioni, but I wasn't sure if it was because the jacket was for warmer weather, or fatto a mano line was simply a lesser quality line. Second, I was wondering if there was a difference in a Brioni jacket made for Louis in comparison to their regular ones. Being fairly inexperienced with this sort of thing, I haven't been around many Brionis, I am not sure if there is any difference at all. One obvious difference was that it was marked with a proper US sizing of 44L instead of the European 54L, but I am curious to know if there are other differences. Finally, what makes a Brioni superior to something like an Isaia jacket? I love the Isaia I own, but I got it for cheaper than $550, and while I know it's a great bargain and I am very very tempted, I think I need some extra push to get me there. I think getting a new Oxxford suit for $360 really spoiled me on value. Such is the tragedy of a poor man... Oh, just in case the jackets piqued anyone's interest, please feel free to snatch them. I belive the jackets will end up with me if it was meant to.
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I don't know much about the Vestimenta lines, but I was browsing through the FB in Manhattan on 6th Ave and saw a few Vestimenta jackets that felt fused.  Do they make any fused jackets?  If I was mistaken, they didn't belong on the rack next to all the Kenneth Cole jackets.   dan
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To my knowledge, Vestimenta makes suits for Armani black label. You cannot really compare Brioni and Gianluca Isaia suits. They are different in many ways. You can do search and read more on those. But both are world class suits for sure.
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