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2 ply fabrics

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I have lately been untwisting the fibres on some fabrics in my stock. It appears that not all are made with identical plys. Is this the case or just an artifact of my untwisting method? I also have a 80% cotton 20% linen that appears to be a 3x3. When I untwist the threads, I get two thicker ones and one thinner one. Could it be that the thicker ones are cotton and the thinner one is linen? BTW this fabric is thick for most shirts and I may get jeans made from it. -
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Oscar The cotton and linen fabric sounds like an odd construction. Some fabrics are single ply. some are 2 ply in the warp and single ply in the weft. Usually if they are two ply both ways then the yarns are consistant. This is not always the case. But usually. Carl
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3-ply or 4-ply yarns are very rare for either suitings or shirtings. Not un-heard-of, but rare. It's more common for very delicate fibers, like cashmere, vicuna, alpaca, lambswool, etc. Typically, those will be blended in with 2-ply wool for strength. I have seen a lot of linen/cotton shirtings recently, and it was all 2x2. Not to say that higher ply yarns don't exist, but I don't know who is making them.
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Oscar, Your shirt sounds interesting. 2 cottons and 1 linen will make a good combination. Fabrics can be woven in as many ways as the weaver can think of. For example In Thailand silk is typically not woven in plies at all (with a few exceptions). What people think is 2 ply silk is literally translated as 2 yarn silk from Thai. The two yarns are very close together but not actually twisted together, hence the name "2 yarn".
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