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Belvest shoulders

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How much padding does Belvest normally use in their suits?  Virtually nothing like Kiton, medium like Zegna, or heavy duty like Canali?
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It depends on who they make it for.  Belvest makes a wide variety of cuts for different sources.  The Belvest suits at Louis Boston remind me a lot of a Borrelli shoulder -- light padding like Kiton, with a touch more slope.  But I've tried on a Belvest at another men's store that caters to a less fashionable clientele, and those Belvest's have slightly more padding (probably a touch more than Zegna) and a slightly squarer shoulder (again, probably in between Kiton and Brioni).
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Jonny, The suit that I am interested in is Belvest black label. It is not private label suit. So I can expect this to have softer shoulders like Borrelli? Thanks.
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I'm not talking about private label suits. THe suit you are considering, I imagine, is from Ebay, right? Even this suit will have been made for a store -- Belvest doesn't have its own retail stores, as far as I know. Your question would be akin to asking what the silhouette of a Hickey Freeman would be without informing us of the model. Belvest makes a lot of different models, and different stores will order different models. They still carry the Belvest black label, and only sometimes will include a store label as well.
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I think that a lot of the Belvest suits from Ebay are probably from Barneys. The Barney's suits have a little more padding than the Louis models, but not by much (and the skirts also seem a little longer).
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