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"Is black suit an acceptable business attire?"
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(LA Guy @ June 14 2005,14:29) Like Black tees more though.
black t-shirt with the slogan...Not Acceptable For Business
I do like that one.
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I like the slogan ideas but I think the print/picture/abstract/crest ideas seem more versatile
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If you're going the crest route and don't want people to ask about a nerdy slogan, couldn't the slogan be put into Middle English or Gaelic or Welsh*? Also, the shirt should be brown. How could another color even be considered? * 'n frown ydy achos amaethwr
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How's about a large royal crest or coat of arms, with the scroll below it reading "Trump Classy".
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(Ambulance Chaser @ June 15 2005,09:44)
Originally Posted by Alias,June 15 2005,07:06
Why not a shirt with I AM MITTAL on the front?
How about I AM MITTAL, BITCH.  If someone asks about it, tell them you received it at a taping of Chappelle's Show, and that all will be clear when the episode airs in a few months.  Enjoy their dumbstruck reaction, smile, and walk away.
Well, cocaine is a hell of a drug. Jon.
Steel's a hell of an alloy.
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someone should start a vote
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I vote for RJman's avatar.
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me too, but only because i made it.
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I'd vote for a picture of the John April's non sequitur-esque tweed jacket image on the back of a shirt.
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faustian bargain - I have some comments on the tux featured on your t-shirt... First off, notch lapel is not appropriate; or at least not considered classic... Second...
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I love this t-shirt idea. I support those who say that nowhere on the shirt should there be any mention of "Styleforum." Instead of choosing between a few, why not do a "Styleforum Top 10" t-shirt without actually mentioning Styleforum on the t-shirt?
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Just to clarify: I am not advocating that "Styleforum" be anywhere on the shirt, or that the shirt indicate any affiliation with this board.  Instead, I envision a parody of the nonsensical T-shirts that Urban Outfitters sells with well-known Styleforum catchphrases and/or images.  As for concerns that the T-shirt will prompt questions that you would rather not answer, do you know anyone who asks, "What does 'getting lucky in Kentucky' mean?"
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Okay, so like, a beautiful elaborate crest a la Morphine Generation with the words "I Like It The Lamb" in gothic writing? Sounds cool
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