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when the night is kinda's Lowenbrau. although sometimes i've got Pabst Blue Ribbon on my mind. otherwise, i like red hook ESB or pale ale, anchor steam, guiness. if i go to a brewpub i'll usually get whatever ESB or IPA they have on tap. if i go to an irish bar i'll usually get guiness or harp. if i'm feeling a little splurgy i might get a chimay.
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Drink mead.
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i only do that after slaying orcs and goblins with my +2 broadsword of magical hurting.
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Drink mead.
Not one of those SCA wankers I hope, are you?
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Not one of those SCA wankers I hope, are you?
1. I am not. 2. Drink mead.
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the fact that you both know what SCA is, puts you perilously close to that territory. not that I know what it is, at all...
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Hey they are a lot into (quite fancy) clothes.
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and what is there not to love about beer?
taste maybe?
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Some other great beers include: Summit - Extra Pale Ale - pick up a 6-pack next time you visit MSP. Anchor Steam - Liberty Ale. Anchor's best beer IMO. Anchor Steam - Holiday. Only available from roughly Halloween or Thanksgiving through Jan 1. Spicy, hoppy stuff. Delicious. Sprecher - Milwaukee Pilsner. Seasonal brew. It's like Pilsner Urquell only better. Pete's Wicked Ale - yummy when fresh. Best beer I ever had was some stuff called Hexen Brau that my sister brought back from Germany. I think it's Swiss or Austrian.
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The beer draft menu from my local bar as of yesterday. What'll it be Mr Checks? On Tap JUNE 14 Cask: J.W. Lees Harvest 5oz Belgians: La Rulles Tripel 10.5oz Local & Regional Brews: Casco Bay Riptide Red Berkshire Drayman's Porter Franconia Notch Grail Pale Ale Gritty's Black Fly Stout Blue Point Hoptical Illusion Thomas Hooker Liberator 10.5oz Wachusett Blueberry Ale Ciders: Original Sin Cider Brews From Other Places: PBR Sierra Nevada Pale Avery Maharajah IPA 10.5oz Bass Ephemere Black Currant 10.5oz Guiness Rockies Mojo IPA Franziskaner Weisse Sierra Nevada Summerfest Jever Pilsner Northcoast Red Seal Ale Pilsner Urquell Rogue Black Brutal Bitter Stone IPA Julius Echter Blends: Black Velvet - Guinness & Cider Snakebite - Cider & Bass Next @ Bat: more great beer....
None of the above: Abbott Ale and Old Speckled Hen, if you're buying. Blatz if I'm buying. Or maybe, if I just have to have that certain upscale flava that can only be garnered by gold-colored aluminum wrapping, I might spring for (as Faust suggested): "here's to good friends, tonight is kinda special, the beer will pour, must say something more, somehow, so tonight, tonight... let it be Lowenbrau"
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Sprecher - Milwaukee Pilsner. Seasonal brew. It's like Pilsner Urquell only better.
that, my friend, is heresy. nothing is like urquell, only better. there are different types of beer that are much better than pilzner, but urquell is an archtype, a liquid god, if you will. not that I am freakishly into beer or anything, I am just trying to set the record straight. the other good thing about urquell is that it is a breakfast beer - it is perfectly acceptable to drink it for breakfast. if your significant other questions this, tell them that's what it says on the bottle, in czech.
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Globe -- what do you think of staropramen?
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RJ, I am sure it is good, I can't remember that it made an impression on me. I went to the website to look at the bottle, and I am pretty sure that I have drunk it, but I don't remember it. Usually when I am in Czech Rep. I drink Urquell, or Bud (local Bud) or a dark beer at a brew pub I know. and I am not a big pils fan when not in the czech rep. do you buy it here?
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I used to but came back to Urquell. At one time heard it might be better than Urquell. How is the real Budvar?
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fantastic, I can't tell the difference from urquell, myself, although locals and people who drink a lot of pils can. very clean, very nice.
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