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Black and tan (is that heresy for the Guinness drinkers?)
It's not heresy as long as your "tan" is Harp, not Bass. Otherwise, you're risking a holy war. That being said, I love both Guinness and Bass Ale, as well as Harp. The Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is very good, as is (IMHO) the Sam Adams Summer. A great choice in the winter (in addition to Guinness) is a good porter (Sierra Nevada makes a good one IMMSMC). The best stout I ever tasted was Harpoon Stout on tap but, alas, I believe the Harpoon brewery (based in Boston) has discontinued it. As was stated above, a good wheat beer is great for the summer. I loved the English bitters I was able to try when I traveled to London a couple of years ago, and Guinness really does taste better in Ireland. Essentially, I love beer.
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 Essentially, I love beer.
and what is there not to love about beer?
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for dark beers try: "leffe brun" (belgium) "yebisu black" (japan) for something different, a decent interesting non-dark beer is "feldschlosschen" (swiss)
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Harp Stone Pale Ale
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Harp Stone Pale Ale
I wish I had access to all of Stone's beers on tap like you do in SD.  Sometimes the place by my house has Stone on tap and it's so amazing in the summer.  My gf's favorite as well.
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I like realldy dark beers. Any ideas on what I should try?
You have stouts, porters, browns, and maybe some Belgiuns in that category.  If you are talking about the first three, here are some good suggestions: Browns:Brooklyn Brown.  Dogfish Head Indian Brown. Smuttynose - Brown Dog Ale. Porters: Stone Smoked Porter.  Cambridge Brewery Porter ( MA only).  Bear Republic - Big Bear black stout. Stouts:  Victory Storm King Imperial Stout.  Lefthand - Milk Stout.  Rogue - Chocolate Stout.  Young's - Double Chocolate stout.  St. Ambroise - Oatmeal Stout.  Sammy Smith's - Oatmeal Stout.
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I drink more wine, but like to keep some light (as in lager) beers around for thirst quenching - cheap: Bud cans (I know I'm not the only one.) & Yuengling Chesterfield Ale. highbrow: Victory Prima Pils, Stoudt's Golden Lager or Pilsner.
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Where are all you guys that are picking up Yuengling? Can't get it here in IL. Whenever I'm east I try to pick up enough to last me until I go back, but it's never enough. I like Franzinkaner (sp?), if only for the chill monk on the label. Other than that, it's Ol' Mil and Pabst.
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I must confess. Since I learned about wine 10 years ago, my beer consumption is about 1% beer vs 99% wine. So many wines, so little time..............................
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Coniston Breweries Bluebird Bitter Devil's Elbow and Devil's Water - made at the Dipton Mill a micro-brewery in a pub in Northumbria Leffe Duvel Most German beers
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Coniston Breweries Bluebird Bitter Devil's Elbow and Devil's Water - made at the Dipton Mill a micro-brewery in a pub in Northumbria Leffe Duvel Most German beers
VB, my favorite is the crawl around Dusseldorf's brewpubs (if that is the correct term for an establishment 100 years old) in the old town. alt is by far my favorite beer.
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No votes for the Champagne of beers, Miller High Life?
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Who's buying?
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The beer draft menu from my local bar as of yesterday. What'll it be Mr Checks? On Tap JUNE 14 Cask: J.W. Lees Harvest 5oz Belgians: La Rulles Tripel 10.5oz Local & Regional Brews: Casco Bay Riptide Red Berkshire Drayman's Porter Franconia Notch Grail Pale Ale Gritty's Black Fly Stout Blue Point Hoptical Illusion Thomas Hooker Liberator 10.5oz Wachusett Blueberry Ale Ciders: Original Sin Cider Brews From Other Places: PBR Sierra Nevada Pale Avery Maharajah IPA 10.5oz Bass Ephemere Black Currant 10.5oz Guiness Rockies Mojo IPA Franziskaner Weisse Sierra Nevada Summerfest Jever Pilsner Northcoast Red Seal Ale Pilsner Urquell Rogue Black Brutal Bitter Stone IPA Julius Echter Blends: Black Velvet - Guinness & Cider Snakebite - Cider & Bass Next @ Bat: more great beer....
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Oh yea, Karl Strauss Red Trolley Ale
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