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How many shirts do you have?

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We haven't had a "how many" poll for a long time...
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I must have more than 50 shirts (dressed and casual)
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Cool idea for a poll. You might want to be more specific. I have plenty of old t-shirts I wear to the gym, undershirts, etc. I think most guys will count all shirts of any sort they own and are therefore going to have a pretty high number. The number would be more than 50 for me but only about a dozen are proper dress shirts.
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My numner of dress shirts is less than 10, but there are dozens of casual wovens. T-shirts and polos? Don't even ask, I've lost count.
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OMG counting is out of the question -
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A poll like this must have some parameters. Are we talking dress/business shirts only? Button-up, dress and casual only? Do polo/pullover shirts count? If we're talking all shirts but t-shirts (which will cause a mutiny from the streetwear types) then everyone here will have quite a few.
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Dress shirts = > 50. I am not quite sure, I have several still sitting unopened in the bag in which they came. T-shirts = I have an excessive number. My wife was the E.D. of a not-for-profit that closed (not her doing) and she inherited several cartons of the T-shirts that were printed for the not-for-profit. In addition, I do races and get a T-shirt at almost very race. Accordingly, I have way too many T-shirts. But, this is fine since they are perfect for the gym, working on the house, and anything else likely to be sweaty or messy. Casual shirts = ~ 30. This is a mix of polos and button.
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I have about 30-35 good dress shirts (primarily Jantzen, Hilditch, Hemrajani and Turnbull). Panzer
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With dress and casual certainly over 50. My dress shirts alone on in the 30's.
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Dress shirts? Dozens and dozens and dozens. About thirty hanging in the closet and scores more stacked in columns. I now rotate them seasonally. Some are new, some secondhand. I seem to always be buying them. T&A, H&K, Hermes, Battaglia, BB, Talbott, Barneys, New Republic, Michele Sartoria,, Harvie & Hudson, Wooderson, Prada, Alan Flusser, many obscurities. Some day I need to invite over some special guy and throw the shirts at him until he cries, as Gatsby does to Daisy. "'Oh, they're such beautiful shirts.' she sobbed, her voice muffled in the thick folds."
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From the #s so far, this poll should probably be revised to reflect 50-75, 75-100 and 100+ categories....
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dress shirts? probably in the 50-60 range...
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I've been getting rid of some worn dress shirts--but still have probably 25 or so. Casual shirts about another 25.
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My numner of dress shirts is less than 10, but there are dozens of casual wovens.  T-shirts and polos?  Don't even ask, I've lost count.
I wasn't talking about polo and sport clothes. For me shirts = 1)  casual = button cuffs, button down collar, checked, oxford 2)  business = double cuffs, classic collar or spread collar, plain or striped, popeline or enf of end or pinpoint 3) dress = ceremony shirts As casual shirts can be worn as a business shirts for many people, i didn't make any difference in my poll. But polo and sport stuffs are definitly NOT shirts.
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