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Lengthening a suit jacket

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Is it a pretty easy task for a tailor to lengthen a suit jacket? I recently got a very nice Zegna Su Misura suit that fits great except for 3/4" out on the sleeves (obviously easy) and it needs to be lengthened about 1". It's marked a regular but fits like a short. Is it an easy task or am I better off looking for another suit?
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FEEL for extra fabric folded underneath. NO extra fabric= shit out of luck.

Also, one thing to consider about lengthen a sleeve is the possibilty that a near-permanent crease may exist afterwards. The crease is from the previous fold line of the sleeve end. They are near impossible to iron out.
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i asked this question about a month ago and i was told it was impossible (lengthening the jacket - sleeves are ok obviously). the jacket in question was about 1/2 inch shorter than i thought was i'm wearing the thing anyway
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Jacket can be made longer but be certain that the outlet is there all around the jacket. The hard part is that the front quarters need to be reshaped into the new hem length. The quarters will become more rounded and more opened. Most RTW has very small outlets at the hem and most you may get is 1/2 to 3/4" longer.
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