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Originally Posted by DLester View Post
Try a grey suit with a light blue shirt. That is the only way I can wear a grey suit. Otherwise I look washed out.

I'm going with pink or with my R&B red microcheck shirt for more color and more of a spring/summery look. I'll reserve the blue for the office.
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ralph lauren black label has a fantastic one that i'll be considering at the end of the season
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I also had one from tat that I ended up selling because I didn't like the shoulder.
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I feel like none of the examples here really got the fit down right. The GQ spread with Sterling from Mad Men is a good one.
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Michael KORS?
That isn't canvased you small timer!
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Originally Posted by PinkPantser View Post

I have those gap socks
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Personally I like the light grey suit, although I find it less versatile (more sort of summer style) then a mid/steel grey suit although it can go with blacks, browns, or burgundies. Once you've covered the formal navy and charcoal, then go navy pinstripe and mid-dark grey... then start adding summer/other colors like the light grey, Glenplaids, etc... As for some ideas on colors and styles, below are various pictures from forum members and a few from around the internet (Sartorialist). In particular, I'd check out Thick as Thieves as an option, and I geuss you could message some of the members for details if you really like the pics below... (As usual, if anyone wants picture removed, just message me) Movie Collateral
Originally Posted by Robert View Post
Somebody in the stylish movie thread posted a shot from a Wes Anderson movie showing Adrian Brody in a grey suit. Look at that one. I'd go for something like that.
Darkeeling limited - All the way on the right, personally I really like it. Marc Jacobs ( Sartorialist Singular T.C. Houston Thick as Thieves - Personally, I like this one the best. Hope that helps give you some ideas of colors and styles...
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Originally Posted by chronoaug View Post
It's only the blue one with the stupid jean pockets and leather patch. The other ones are normal material and normal details

again, those pants are awesome; you two are crazy
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Originally Posted by tonio028 View Post
I was looking for that very one myself, but with no luck. Now that I got my first Shipley blazer from Mauro's last flash sale, I love their fit and I'm all about their suits so long as the bottoms are a traditional suit pant bottom and not the crazy trouser/jean bottom with thick leather patch like the blue one from current season.

So YOU were the guy who snatched that jacket from my cart at Farinelli's! I had to pay a little more for it somewhere else.

(I'm wearing it today and it's great!)
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h&m linen is an option, I am quite fond of mine.
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black fleece has a nice one this season too, if you're into that silhouette.
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I appreciate all the information and pictures everyone has shared. Based on what I've seen, it looks like I'll need to find a light grey suit with fabric that has very little texture. Coarser / textured fabrics end up making the suit look a lot heavier– the diametric opposite of a light summer suit. I think a cotton or cotton/wool blend suit might work well.. Also– just wanted to follow up on this random question but does one need to be tall and slim to pull off a grey suit? Obviously a light grey suit doesn't have the slimming qualities a black / charcoal / navy suit would have.
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There is an extremely nice grey suit from this season Black Fleece.
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a light grey suit will be my next purchase, probably in a couple months. i have 4 weddings to go to this summer so it'll get some use.
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Grey is good in a cotton...for wool I like a more charcoal wool better.
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