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I have been working with kettlebells for a month or so, which are basically single handled metal balls that weigh from 8 kilo to 32 kilo. instead of lifting in a controled manner a certain number of reps, you basically do a series of excersises that involve lifting it from the floor to above your head, swinging it around your back, etc. but with dozens of reps. I find it very very intense, and highly recomend it.
I agree - kettleballs can provide a good workout - the "Farmers Walk" is one of my favorite exercises. However, the human body is amazingly efficient at adapting to different stress loads, so its best never to follow only one exercise methodology. Panzer
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yeah, my problem is that I like to settle into one set of exersizes, and then I get rapidly diminishing returns. but I love kettlebells right now
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I like stair steppers. Small footprint, great aerobic workout, I use mine while I watch TV.
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Gentlemen, Is there any fitness value to be had out of an exercise bike? Sitting in front of the TV, just... cycling. Or is it better to just go jogging?
This is really up to you. You need to find something you will do. I bought a LifeCycle off ebay and I love it. I lift weights quite regularly but I like riding the bike while watching TV. The most important thing is that you like the exercise equipment you buy or it will be on ebay or in the basement in no time doing you no good.
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