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Hilditch & key online

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Don't know if this has been posted before, or recently, but Hilditch and Key sells their shirts on their website for about $95 per (shipping included, minimum order of 3 shirts). Hilditch and Key US Pricing I really like Hilditch & Key shirts, and it'd be hard to find a comparable shirt for $100 retail, IMO.
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Absolutely, that's a tremendous deal.
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I have been using their service since the mid-80's.  I believe it to be a far superior garment than those T & A chaps. If you can visit, you will find swatches from before the turn of the last century there.  And since only certain machinery, that they keep up and running, can produce them it is a great treasure trove.
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Has anyone actually ordered online? I'm in the US, and the order form is in Sterling. How do you order in dollars? I tried emailing them, twice, and no response. Given these prices, I'd love to order but have no idea how. Furthermore, I'm concerned about their reliability given that they don't respond to email. Anyone have any insight??? Thank you.
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Renault: Do a search for currency conversion sites. However, I'd also be concerned on slow response to e-mail. How long has it been?
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The conversion is not the issue: prices are in US dollars(here) and Sterling (here ). The issue is the order form, which asks for "unit totals" in Sterling. Furthermore, US prices include shipping, whereas the order form asks for postage. *sigh* So confusing. I emailed about 2weeks ago, no response. I emailed again the following week, again, no response. Any advice?
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Did you e-mail them with questions or with an order? That certainly would not be an acceptable response time for me either. Perhaps they're not really set up to do business online... Interestingly enough, pretty much the same shirts are available at Sak's at a significantly higher cost. Maybe their agreement calls for them not to sell over the Internet in the U.S.
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Interestingly enough, pretty much the same shirts are available at Sak's at a significantly higher cost. Maybe their agreement calls for them not to sell over the Internet in the U.S.
It's just the opposite for New & Lingwood shirts - the regular price here (Canada) is the sale price on their website (45 pounds). On sale (here) they're about $40US...
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New & Lingwood is currently having a internet sale -- 3 shirts for 138 Pounds. Subtracting VAT for U.S. orders, that comes to around $70 per shirt before shipping. See Can anyone comment on the cut and quality of these shirts as compared to H&K or T&A?
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Sorry, I can't comment on the N&L shirts. You did dredge up old frustrations with this thread though. They never did get back to me about my order...maybe I'll just make an int'l call one of these days...
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Sorry, Man. If it's any consolation, I sent a catalog request via e-mail several months ago that was never answered, either.
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A co-worker and I each entered our names into the H&K web form to be put on their mailing list.  He was disappointed because he recieved neither confirmation nor a catalogue.   I recieved a catalogue that detailed their summer sale (ongoing through July).   They do not appear to be actively courting the internet shopper. Bic
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Beyond the initial topic but I thought the online services of Turnball & Asser to be quite good.
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Lable King: Interesting. Unfortunately, my experience differs. A few years ago, I planned to go to New York on business. I sent the New York Store two e mail messages asking for hours of operation. I never received a response. I was also disappointed to learn that Turnbull & Asser do not have a webpage that allows for easy ordering. . .(cf Charles Tyrrwit) I sometimes think that companies would be better off not having an online presence, than having an unmaintained or no-frills online presence. Bic
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