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Are you kidding? I wonder how many people surfing Bluefly are looking for Brioni Escorial suits. And, for all of those people who say that Bluefly jacks up the retail price, looks like they more than made up for that here.
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How much should that retail price be? I'm not too familiar with the Escorial stuff. Don't forget to buy it through the forum link.
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How much should that retail price be? I'm not too familiar with the Escorial stuff.
I don't know, but I don't think that you'll find Brioni in any fabric for much under $4000 at retail nowadays. Escorial would be significantly more expensive.
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I love it. Someone bought it -- Bluefly should send me a commission..
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Hahaha... Boy.. I hope they used the link. I'll split it with you Johnny, how's that?
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Looks like the person put it in the shopping bag and didn't buy it.
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OK - so this is Brioni. What I find disturbing is that there is nothing special about this suit. It could just as well be a Palazzo suit on ebay, judging from the pictures. Generic shoulders, lapels and no shape to the body. I wonder why it ends up on Bluefly?
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Crappy photography is usually the simplest, and best, explanation. Take a bad photo (lighting, angle, mannequin, etc...), and a beautiful jacket will look cheap (bad) and boring (worse.) Take a beautiful picture, and you could sell a Mens Wearhouse special for $2K. Your computer screeen cannot convey even details obvious, in person, to the naked eye, much less richness of colors or texture. You're right. I don't know who in their right mind would buy that Brioni if they had no knowledge of the brand and the silhouette (in person.) On a related note, maybe the suits were surplus from "The Apprentice"? Someone should ask if a hairpiece is included.
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