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wingtip/captoe to wear w/ jeans

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I want to try the dark jeans, shirt, and dress shoe look but I am not very informed about shoes. Would a cap toe or wingtip shoe be appropriate to wear this way? I wear a sz 5.5 but I have to settle for a sz 6 because that is all I can find and even that leaves me with little options. If you of any good plain/captoe/wingtip shoes in size 6 or 5.5 let me know.

The shoes I am looking at are Johnston and Murphy cap toe Melton and the wingtip Greenwich. Would these be good with the dark jeans/shirt look? These will also be used for business so I want something versatile. Checked out Alden because they had everything in a size 6 but were too high of cost for me. Thanks in advance
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Are your feet going to grow, I mean, are you fairly young?
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Well I a month shy of my 23rd birthday, been wearing this size for like 5 years I think it is done growing! I wish..
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Well, I'm not trying to embarrass you (but this is the internet and it is anonymous), Brooks Brothers sells some good looking shoes in boys sizes that probably aren't bad in quality and would come in your ideal size. You could handle it all through the internet if you wanted. The shoes are also a lot cheaper. Right now they have some boat shoes and some penny loafers that I think look good, some bucks too. By cheaper, I mean like $200-300 cheaper than the larger sizes of similar shoes. They will probably be carrying other styles of shoes for similar prices as the seasons change. Here's what they have now: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatS...Section_Id=452 The loafers and boat shoes could both look good with dark denim and a nice shirt. http://www.jcrew.com/search/searchNa...b8c36afa0ed138 JCrew has some nice smaller stuff on sale too. I know you were looking for Churchs/Alden/Allen Edmonds stuff but that would be hard to source in your size. Ebay brought up 702 size 5 1/2 shoes, I'm not going to look through all of them but it might be worth it you. Maybe there are some custom made shoes that never got picked up that you could get for cheap.
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Yeah, sadly the kid section is where I look quite often, but they do not usually make shoes that look close to the regular adul oxfords. Thanks for pointing out the BB shoes, those boat shoes are quite nice. May have to pick those up. As a matter of fact, all my dress shirts I buy are a size 14 kids Brooks Brothers since they basically look just as nice as adult sizes.

Will a black pair balmoral Cap toe or wingtip shoe suck as the AE park avenue or the J&M Greenwich wingtips go good with the jeans/shirt look?
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not sure if it would help, but have you tried using an insole? unless its the length of the shoe that is much too long.
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Hey, thanks for the replies, good information. Would BLACK wingtip BALMORAL be okay to wear with raw denim or would a BLUCHER be more appropriate or both?
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OP...I would recommend emailing Pediwear. I just ordered a pair of shoes from them and their customer service is awesome. If I were you, I would measure my foot with a ruler (put the ruler and your heel against a wall), as well as the circumference of the your foot at the widest point and email Pediwear the measurement. This is what they had me do after I placed my order to ensure a perfect fit. Tell them what youre looking for and they should be able to make a recommendation, or just browse the site and see what you like and if they have it in your size. http://www.pediwear.co.uk/catalogue.php I have a pair of J&M Melton cap toes in black, but I have only worn them once. Great shoe for the price.
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Originally Posted by wheelsx45 View Post
Hey, thanks for the replies, good information.

Would BLACK wingtip BALMORAL be okay to wear with raw denim or would a BLUCHER be more appropriate or both?

Well a blutcher is more "appropriate", as it's more casual. But I wear black half brogued oxfords with my raw denim all the time. I just don't polish them and let them get a little scruffy. On black, the brogueing and other stuff doesn't really show up anyway.
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I would match the fit of the jeans with the shape of the shoes... i.e. narrow jeans, narrow shoes. Balmorals are usually on the narrow and sleek side right? I would wear them with slimmer jeans, raw or not. If you feel like your jeans are going to swallow up your shoes, the shoes are too slim, on the other hand, you don't want to look like you have clown feet (which is what would happen if you wear matchstick jeans and a pair "gunboat" double-soled longwings).

When in doubt just don't go into any extreme territory in jeans or shoes. If you are wearing nice shoes and nice jeans, it will probably look good.
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Originally Posted by MiniW View Post
you don't want to look like you have clown feet
Doesn't sound like that will be a problem but I agree with the rest of the advice. Wheels, are you going for bootcut, straight or slim fit denim and from where?
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Yeah, all my denim is slim fit so I think that it will go well with the narrow shoes. Found some derby brouges by Loake which come in a UK5 which according to their site fits like a US 5.5 so good news there. I guess I am not the only small person out there.
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Glad you found something. I own a few pairs from Loake and have been happy with them. Probably better than all the other stuff recommended except for the G&G which were likely quite expensive and way to dressy to wear with denim.
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