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After getting my Kenneth Cole leather jacket stolen at a fraternity party with another fraternity, I am in the market for purchasing a new leather jacket. I was thinking of one from Andrew Marc...My question is if the quality of the jacket is worth the humongous price tag. I have heard great things about Andrew Marc for leather jackets, and I was hoping to get some input from you guys. Thanks.
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I like Andrew Marc jackets. I think that hey are well crafted, considerably more so than Kenneth Cole jackets. My only complaint is that they tend to be bulky and a little too generous through the body for my tastes. But if you like the cut of KC jackets, chances are you'll like the look and feel of Andrew Marc jackets.
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I own 2 Andrew Marc coats (a 5 button car coat,and a DB Peacoat style) and have been very satisfied with the quality. A Nordstrom sales assoc.told me that Andrew Marc does use different grades of leather,with the "Andrew Marc New York" line being the best. If you're balking at the cost,you might try Nordstrom Rack off-season;depending on the style you're looking for,you could find a nice coat for $250-300.
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Whatever you do, don't pay full retail of an Andrew Marc coat. Go to any outlet, discount store, or end-of-season sale where you will find alot of Andrew Marc for fractions of the price; especially right now. This past winter i was looking at some AM, couldn't find any I liked. Ended up buying a Ruffo black leather trench and a Henry Cotton distressed brown leather zip up jacket.
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Andrew Marc is very nice. But, as you mentioned, rather pricy. I don't own a jacket myself, but I've admired quite a few AMs. I have heard good things about them quality-wise.
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