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Harry Rosen Sale -- Toronto

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Those of you in Toronto might be interested to know that the Scotia Plaza branch of Harry Rosen is having a sale at the moment. It seems to be mostly on shirts (both dress- and sports-) and ties. When I went in yesterday, they had a few Hilditch & Key shirts for around $119 CDN and LOTS of Burberry shirts for $129. I also saw a handful of Brioni shirts for 50% off (which put them at around $200 CDN). I didn't look too closely, but they also had plenty of the usual Boss/Armani/Canali stuff, as well as their own line and J.P.Tilford marked down to below $100). Worth checking out if you're in the area. I'm no shoe enthusiast (cue flame war), but they also had a lot of Allen Edmonds shoes at 50% off. All the shoes I saw looked hideous though. Big clunky loafer things.
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Harry Rosen is also having their sidewalk sale at their outlet in Mississauga. I stopped in today but nothing really interesting for me.
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ya i can't wait till the montreal grand prix is over because i'm assuming the montreal sales will start on monday. Holt Renfrew already has stuff on sale but I usually prefer the stuff at Harry Rosen so I'm saving my money and can't wait to part with it.
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