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White polo shirts...

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I always liked plain, white polo shirts for summer and I'm about to buy me some more next week. But before I do that I wanted to hear your opinion. I would wear them with a loose pair of jeans ad white sneakers. Do y'all think that would look good? Or do you recommend other colors? Does it look too simple? And another question: Do you really think I should pop my collar? Some of my friends back in Europe did that most of the time, but I always thought that it looks too stuck up, it looks like somebody is trying too hard to be cool.? ~THX~
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"One" is only allowed to pop up the collar of one's polo shirt if one is an English public school boy of any age ("public school" means private), talks in a nice, clipped Noel-Coward-sort-of-way (I'm owf to the hice), and lives, at least spiritually, around Sloane Square in London. These people are called Sloane Rangers and male and female can not leave a collar alone. The have the urge (through nature or nurture, I don't know) to pop. But the popped up collar looks even nicer an a female, because they do add a string of pearls as well. For everybody else, it looks rather pretentious.
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Yes, the white does look a little plain. I'm thinking of going for that same look this summer and was gonna post the same question about the collar.. lol. While i already own a white RL polo, im plan on buying at least one Lacoste polo (just to have ONE). Im gonna get a black, navy, and a light pink. I like the RLs better only because of the button column is a little smaller, as compared to the Lacoste. With the white sneakers, almost any light colored polo would go nicely for a clean look. As for the collar up, I do this only when im on the golf course, for style points and just to keep the sun off my neck. My thoughts on wearing it up just casually have changed a bit. Now I feel as if I could pull it off, but realize that most people will think your a pompus-ass because of it. If you do have enough confidence then by all means put it up. I plan on wearing my collar up at all times this summer.. ... well maybe half the time.
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I only "pop" when I can make it look ironic - maybe with heavily distressed jeans, or with a bright print t-shirt underneath. Yes, it sounds incredibly wrong, but I like the mix and match of contrast and style In the summer, I usually like to be whimsical with what I wear. As for polos, does anyone know a brand that makes polos with the long placket (5, 6, 7 buttons or more?) The only ones I've seen like this are from J. Peterman. They're marketed as the "original" polo shirt, but I like the idea of a little chest showing, with the option of buttoning up.
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Actually, everyone here is pretty much wrong in the 'popping the collar' sense. Polo shirts, as most of you will know, came from Lacoste. They were worn on the tennis court with the collar 'popped' by the man who's name is now the company's name. After Lacoste lost market, and became the mainstay of otherwise Kappa and Adidas clothed rudeboyz, RL et al. picked up the Polo shirt and made it a classic American look (it was originally french). RL also showed them being worn collar down, incorrect but far more normal for a collar. If you want to wear a polo shirt properly, you wear it with the collar up. If you have any kind of confidence whatsoever, you won't look stupid. And, if anyone asks, you're on the correct side of history. The people who wear those shirts correctly, as Bengal pointed out, are often pricks but that's just because they are. You can get away with it if you have the confidence. And, if you chose to wear them collar-down, do not button a single button. The golden rule is not to button anything on a polo shirt, and that rule, unlike the collar rule, has lasted throughout the Polo shirt's history. --European Interloper
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@ Mike C.: I also own a white RL polo shirt and I thought about buying one from Lacoste, but I might wait until next summer. I assume that Lacoste will still be trendy next year considering that it was already in-fashion last summer. @ European Interloper: You always say that it has something to do with confidence if you pop your collar or not. But in my opinion it's not about confidence or history, it's about the matter of taste. And I think that a popped collar just doesn't look right, like I said before, the people who did that were always trying to look like an original Oxford Man. The only time I do it, is when I play Tennis...
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Just got back from shopping today; picked up two RL polos, one pink, the other charcoal, plus a black Lacoste, and a pink RL button down that I will wear casually.  I plan on wearing the pink RL with the collar up. How's that for confidence?  If not, cockyness...  BTW: I'm becoming a RL whore. This has got to stop.  
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