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yes, he talked about that in his interview with terry gross. he said he lost like 60 pounds for the machinist. he said he had to gorge himself to get up to a respectable weight to make the screen test for batman.
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There's an American Psycho Patrick Bateman action figure for you fanboys.
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If you like the book AP, try Glamorama by BEE - almost as satisfying (and even better in some respects).
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There's an American Psycho Patrick Bateman action figure for you fanboys.
looks awesome.
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you can preorder it here
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you guys have made my day. between this and the special edition AP dvd coming out tomorrow, it's looking like a banner week for P.B. thanks again.
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you guys have made my day.    between this and the special edition AP dvd coming out tomorrow, it's looking like a banner week for P.B. thanks again.
Not to mention the prequel coming out soon -- Bateman Begins.
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already saw it Sat. nite on IMAX(.)==a truly awesome experience. christian bale gives another A+ performance.. according to page six today they are going ahead with the sequel but are dropping Ms. Junior Scientologist.
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l'homme RJ, I see by your avatar that you may be a T.C. fan. If that's the case, please don't rat me out to Bert Fields. "Ms. Junior Scientologist" of course refers to...Jenna Elfman.
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Turns out that a lot of places are already sold out of limited edition action figure.  However, there are many listings on ebay for only $12.99.  This is different than the new 18" figure with sound chip (which has not been releases). Also, click here for the full movie script or here for some AP movie trivia games.
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Special Edition AP dvd coming out? nice. I have to return some video tapes.
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Description from the website: "... this detailed action figure is a great likeness and includes loads of accessories: 2 Knives Axe Briefcase Video Tape Nail Gun Walkman, and Alternate Hand Includes Newspaper Base" I love how they include the video tape and walkman. I gotta pick one of these up simply for "weird value".
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nice pick up gatsby. I can't believe they didn't include a bone with silian rail business card?.?.?. what is the world coming to.
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I liked the novel well enough to write a couple of articles on it,
jason, what were the articles for? a term paper or something like that?
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The character Patrick Bateman seems to be quite popular and a iconic figure with many of the members here. I just saw the movie, and I really want to understand why? Did I need to read the book first? I get that it's supposed to be a satire of the superficial and materialistic yuppie, hyper consumerism of the 80s, but I just didn't find those parts very funny. My card is more expensive than yours. Ha ha? Once you get the past the parts that are supposed to be funny, all you're left with is this pathetic, possibly gay, loser. In real life, everybody sees him as a dork and spineless. Or, they don't even remember who he is as he's not important enough to warrant attention. To escape how timid and weak he is in real life, he creates this fantasy world where he becomes this violent, mysogynistic 'killer' where he thinks he kills all those people but doesn't in real life. Even then, he's still not that interesting. I just cannot fathom the appeal of this character to other forum members except that he wears nice suits.
Because they would like to be as intelligent as Bateman and have enough money to buy what they want instead of working for pinuts and wearing shitty clothes from Ebay.
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