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Seiko 5 Watch

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Hello all, I am looking for a simple Seiko 5 watch.
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Here are some picks of the 5; I couldn't send them through pm for some reason.

This automatic runs great. I believe it's from 1991. I figured it out using the serial numbers at one point. Anyway, it has the original signed seiko band, and the box, but no papers. I paid $89 plus tax for it two years ago at a consignment shop, but I have so many watches that it just doesn't see any wrist time, so I would be happy to get $70 conus.
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EBay is a never ending source of Seiko 5s. They're often less than $50, even after shipping from Asia.
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I have this Seiko 5 Military. I love it - it's a fantastic watch. Got it from a forum member for less than $100, then bought another one as a gift on eBay, again for less than $100.

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Check Timezone sales forum and Ebay. Timezone has many used but well cared for watches at low prices. Ebay has many seiko 5 watches straight from Asia, a lot of the divers are very nice and are considered by many to be some of the best watches under $1000.
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Where would be a good place to find straps for the seiko 5?

The band width on amazon states it is 16.8 millimeters. I am wondering if wider bands would work as I have been looking at some maratac straps which are in the low 20s in width...
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would also like to know straps that will fit the watch. will NATO straps fit?
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