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Summer sunglasses

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Gentlemen, I am in the market for purchasing a new pair of sunglasses (I stepped on my Ralph Lauren ones.). I am not the biggest fan of aviators, because they look too big on my face. I am also looking to spend around $100-150 because I usually end up either losing them or breaking them once a year. Any suggestions on the hot styles of sunglasses in this price range this summer??
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Make sure you go to They have great discount, I've ordered a pair of Emporio's and Donna Karen's on there. As for whats cool this summer, I really like the clear lens Gucci glasses. I don't think i can pull the look off however, but i really like the clear lenses. Im just gonna stick to my aviators and Emporios
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Fraternity Stud, The following make amazing eyewear in all different styles: Gucci, Emporio Armani, DG, and Chanel and then the classics like Ray Ban. As you will probably loose them, why not go for a fashion choice? If you can pull off a more Rockstar look, try big Gucci black frames with dark blue lenses. Otherwise, the Chanel visor is in this year, as are pretty much anything with minimum frames. Do not go with Oakleys, as sport sunglasses like that are NOT in. You can get away with Arnettes if you surf or are a DJ, but otherwise try to stick to something frameless and frosted. I hope that helped a bit. --European Interloper
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As per my earlier posts, I am still franticlly searching for the Calvin Klein sunglasses that are featured in the latest Calvin Klein eyewear ads. They are absolutely amazing... I am heading to NYC next week and my first stop will be, without a doubt, the Calvin Klein flagship store to find these glasses.
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With sunglasses, I think the current trend or look of the moment is less important, and what shape/size/etc. looks best on your particular face more important (as long as its a frame that won't be totally outdated within a few seasons). Yesterday, I just picked up from Sunglass Hut a funky-looking pair of Moschinos for $149.  I think they're very cool, and I'm picky about sunglasses.  Rectangular frames (that shape looks best on my face), blue-tinted lenses.  If Brad Pitt were European (say, German), he'd wear these.  I'm not sure what that means, but I think it's good.   I've also seen a number of nice Giorgio Armani frames this year.  In general, I've seen a lot of nice frames with bluish and purplish tints recently, from a number of designers.
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