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Taking Pre-Order on Mantellassi

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As you already know, 92 pair are coming in, sizes ranging from 7 to 13. I'm going to type up a spreadsheet with a brief description and include the image they sent me. Some images are good and some aren't but your discerning eye will probably be able to tell. They should be in Thursday but given the sheer number of people emailing me asking for specific sizes and styles and availability, I thought I'd try this method out. I will post it later tonight when i can upload all the pix they sent me Enjoy.
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Are they true to size? I'm American 10.5D.
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See previous "mantelassi incoming' thread for size discussion.
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OK here is the link to the spreadsheet: Mantellassi sheet images are: hopefully that works. the sheet has style and size available.  if it's RED it's sold, yellow means nothing, it's something for my benefit.  let me know guys.  MATCH UP THE NUMBER AFTER "MANTELLASSI" IN THE DESCRIPTION TO THE MODEL NUMBER IN COLUMN A
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I wear American 10.5D and I have a pair of Zegna Couture size 44 that fits me quite well. But according to your chart, 10.5D is 43.5, so should I go with 43.5 or stick with 44? Some of the pictures are quite blurry, are you going to post some better pictures and pictures of the soles and insoles once you receive the shoes? Is the following image link refer to model 352 ($795) or B0352 ($495)? The split toe strap is absolutely beautiful. Too bad not my size.
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Von: i would say get a euro 44 regarding that image, i will hve to go back and check, i guess when i uploaded them it automatically disregarded the "0" i put in so i need to make sure. i will have great pix, these are just the ones they sent me and my experience with the companies i deal w/, none are very proficient with digital photogs.
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How does the pre-order work? Do I need to send you a deposit to hold pairs that I am interested in? What's the cut-off price point between the Goodyear and Blake welt models? I noticed many of the more expensive models have "Norwegian stitching", I assume those are Goodyear welts? Which Goodyear models without the "Norwegian stitching"? Thanks.
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Sierra Trading Post has the first shoe listed by Lance for sale at almost $100 more. All the more reason to patronize a styleforum member. Lance: You getting any of those in 9.5?
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sorry for the delay in responding guys, i have ALL family in this weekend (Yikes) the price cut off for handmades and non-hands is 495 i believe.  they generally jump from 495 to 700+ If you want to pre-order, just PM or email ( me and tell me model number AND size and say you are definitely wanting them.  I have reserved 8 pair already, but i need to know you definitely want them as opposed to "might want them".. that pair that STP has are great, but yes, i usually sell for cheaper than them, bluefly, yoox etc. Stu: yes that pair is coming in 9.5. i already own the 12.... thx lance
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I forgot to add, these shoes ship for $11 (within USA) no matter how many pairs are ordered.
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i just fixed a few of the links that were not working. Mostly the B models (used a zero instead of capital O)
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OK, new sheet is up. If it's red it's sold (there is one pair that have 2 in the same size, and only one is sold) thanks, lance
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Would you have a photograph of SC/U02\tOASIS\tLEGNO\tno description yet\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t1\t\t1\t\t\t\t2\t $925.00 \t $1,850.00 \t $379.00 Thanks
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