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Women's Pants MTM Any Suggestions?

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A female friend of mine, not in NYC wants to have some pants made to order. she is checking into mytailor.com. Any thoughts on their service. Any other choices. I suggested lands end.. she is a little full though the hips with a small waist. RTW woman's pants never quite fit right with out additional alterations. She is trying to acheive the same thing we try. To find a simple way to order pants on line that are affordable and fit well. Does Jantzen make pants for woman? I am not a fan of self measured clothing, but she is in the hinterlands. Carl www,cego.com
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i am sure Jantzen do make pants for women...whenever i go, there is a large proportion of female clients, and i have noticed a few being measured for pants. saying that..i don't know if they do overseas orders via mail for pants..if they do, then it may also be better if your friend sends a pair of her current pants, so that the sizing is less of an ambiguity.
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Kiton Donna perhaps?
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I don't think mytailor.com (Hemrajani Bros) do women's pants. In any case they only take self measurements for shirts. You have to go to their travel visit sites for suits, slacks, etc. http://www.davanti.net/ does women's pants with self measurements.
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