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World's greatest parties?

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If you had a choice, where would you party???
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been to 4 on the list. I think that I would go back as often as I could to mardi gras and octoberfest, and I would like to go to the carnival in rio (if I could get some good invitations to some balls) but the others don't interest me anymore. I think that several are off the list - the ganesh festival in Mubai, the italian carnivals, the new years ball in vienna.
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I'd agree with Globetrotter that a few cool places to be during festivals have been left off. I'd like to add Hong Kong and Shanghai during Chinese New Years festivities.
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those I;ve missed. something left to live for
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I'm inclined to say the full moon party, just because some of those are either too blatantly commercialized (spring break) or not really that interesting to me (running with the bulls) Also the various Carnivale's out there might be fun, but Rio seems like it would be the best (and maybe most dangerous)
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While this surely wouldn't make a worldwide list, I suggest any single male to journey to my hometown, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, to spend the July 4th holiday. Incredible. Once was written up as THE place and time to find casual female companionship by either Playboy or Penthouse.
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