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montecristo, I used a piece of a hem of a dark denim instead. Sandpaper may be too fast, it probably won't handle the subtler fadings and it may screw it up.
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send em to me J...street dudes specialising in hemming jeans are everywhere in Vietnam, they set up on the sidewalks connecting an extension cord into the nearest shop and then pay a commission for the power. ....the cost 5000 dong - about 30 cents plus you get to make all kinds of jokes about dong shortening
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Somewhere in one of these threads someone advocated using fine grit sandpaper to accelerate the process of breaking in raw denim. Is this really advisable?
You'll be fine as long as you do it very carefully and slowly. Even then, it will still never be as good as natural wear (it will be less 3 dimensional), but if you do it just enough to lighten the color in the areas where you want it, you basically cut off a month or two of wear.
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Brian, you mean with sandpaper there will be lighter areas but not darker areas? If so, I got darker and lighter areas rubbing with denim. Don't know if it looks completely natural, does it seem stupid? I think it was ringring that advised it.
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Well if you use sandpaper or any other method, just from human error its going to be alittle more "surface" looking and not so 3 dimensional. Im not really sure how to explain it other than that. I wouldnt worry about your jeans looking stupid, they look fine to me...
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Not about New Standards - but along the same lines... I was looking at the care instructions for the Meltin' Pots I just got (yes - I'm kind of obsessed with these right now) and it says to wash them inside-out and separately. It also says not to expose them to sunlight - What's the deal - are we now at the point of having "indoor" vs "outdoor" jeans - what are they going to get sunburned - does anyone else think that Levi Strauss is probably rolling over in his grave about now???? I thought this was pretty funny - especially being here in Arizona where it would be impossible for them not to be exposed to sunlight. Bradford
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you'd better slather some SPF50 on those meltin'pots or they'll get melanoma maybe they were meant for nightwear only
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Obviously they are intended for vampires.
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yeah. and and when you expose them to sunlight they turn to stone...
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It also says not to expose them to sunlight
It will help keep your jeans dark if it is what you desired. Or else some UV discoloration may occur.
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